How to Safely Exercise When It’s Hot Out

I think if there’s anything the last couple of weeks have inspired me to do, it’s to write about how to safely exercise when it’s hot outside. If you’re like me and live in a state where the heat waves have hit early and don’t seem to want to back off, you might wonder if it’s possible to remain active. Here’s what I’ve been doing to keep myself and my clients working out without placing our health at risk.

Endurance Exercise for Men is Different Than It is for Women

A new study recently released has revealed that endurance exercise for men isn’t the same as it is for women, and I have to say that this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to me. Having been a personal trainer whose main client list is male, there is something pretty obvious that seems to pop up for me that my female trainer colleagues don’t seem to observe.

5 Fitness Tracking Apps to Keep You Accountable When Your Trainer isn’t Watching

While I always recommend a personal trainer (it’s what I do, after all), it’s true that we can’t be with our trainers all the time, and it’s at those times that fitness tracking apps can make a substantial difference. An application can’t replace the one-on-one personalized guidance a trainer can offer you, but it can certainly help you to stay on track and keep yourself accountable when your trainer isn’t there.