I’m Adding More Fermented Foods to My Diet

I’ve been reading a lot about the microbiome and the impact of fermented foods in your diet. I have to say, it’s pretty interesting stuff. It doesn’t sound like it should be interesting, but it is. The microbiome affects pretty much everything from weight loss to muscle building and from immune system function to mental health.

Best Exercises for Your Workouts to Get Abs

Ready to start some great workouts to get abs?  There isn’t one single list of exercises that will get you there, but there are lots of great options that you can introduce to your week that will play a role along the way. It’s important not to forget that doing a handful of exercises on a regular basis won’t be enough to get you that six pack.

Who Won the Weight Loss Competition? Bree or Me?

Bree and I have reached the point in our weight loss competition when we’re both pretty sure that we are ready to announce the results.  This is a bit sooner than we’d expected, but that’s for good reason.  It’s a reason I hadn’t banked on, and it is one that will give Bree bragging rights for far longer than I’d like…but here it is.