Yes, There Are Pilates Benefits for Men Too

Pilates benefits for men are not just overlooked but are essentially not discussed at all. As a personal trainer, I talk a lot about workouts, exercise and fitness. I get asked a lot of questions. I work hard to keep up to date on the latest developments in this area of expertise. I can honestly tell you that I was just asked about this specific topic for the first time in my entire career. I took it as a sign. It’s time to talk about it.

Even Limited Exercise Prevents Depression Symptoms

I’ve been sharing my thoughts about how exercise prevents depression symptoms for a while now. I’m not an expert in mental health. I’m a physical trainer, so please don’t take this as actual medical advice. That said, what I’m talking about here is the results of studies or what other experts have shared and that I’ve found valuable. In this case, it’s about research that shows even a small amount of physical activity seems to help prevent this common mental health struggle.

3 Knee Exercises to Strengthen Weak Joints

Knee exercises are one of the most common types of specific workout requested of me as I work with my clients. That particular joint is a fussy one and injuries are common by the time we get to adulthood. Because of that, whether my client is a former college football player or someone finding that the joint is giving problems for an unknown reason, it’s important to know the right moves to strengthen it safely.