Exercise to Slow Memory Loss is Simpler Than You Think

Exercise to slow memory loss is a practice that has been around for a long time. In fact, one of the top recommendations for preventing or slowing the onset and progress of dementia is often regular moderate exercise. That said, what I’m loving about newly released research is that it shows how easy it can be to get these benefits. Yeah, I’m a personal trainer, and you’d think that I would be telling you that everyone should hire someone with my expertise, but in this instance, you can easily go it alone and get all the benefits you’re after.

How Often You Exercise Decides Its Effectiveness

New research about the importance of how often you exercise really caught my eye this week. It’s one of those instances where scientists worked very hard to create a solid, reliable study to get some quality results and all I can do is no and think “Yup, I could have told you that”. I think we’ve all had that feeling at some point. Scientists go to great lengths to prove something that we really have known all along. And yet, it still feels good to see it proven to a certain extent.

Healthy Weight Loss and Diet Pill Use: A Post by Breeze

Joe and I have slightly different opinions on healthy weight loss and diet pill use.  His intention was to write about that this week, and he started asking me a slew of questions on the subject.  It wasn’t long before we agreed that it made sense for me to pop on here for this week’s post and write it myself.  I’m not a blogger, so please be kind with the comments you leave him on social.