Why I’m Trying a Vegetarian Diet to Improve My Nutrition and Health

I’m trying a vegetarian diet. I’ve been doing it for a bit and plan to stick to it pretty strictly for the first month. My goal isn’t to become a vegetarian. Instead, it’s to immerse myself into it so I’m forced to find out what foods I can eat to reach my nutrition goals without eating an animal to get there. To be clear, I’m trying a vegetarian diet, not a vegan one. I’ll still be eating dairy in my normal amounts, plus eggs and honey. Once I’m done this experiment, I also know I’ll definitely go back to eating fish regularly. I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll eat fish in the midst of this experiment or not. I haven’t so far, and at the moment, I’m leaning toward “no”.

What is Camel Milk and Should I be Drinking it?

I’ve come to discover the wonders of camel milk. You read that right. It’s pretty cool, so I knew I had to talk about it. The thing is, I get a lot of fitness and nutrition magazines. OK, to be fair, I get some fitness and nutrition magazines. Bree gets the rest, and I read them. She makes it easy since she, unlike me, still gets the print versions. I’m too lazy for print and enjoy the digital copies – harder to share, though. A while back I was leafing through one of Bree’s magazines and I saw an article on camel milk. Camel Milk is Exactly What You Think At first, the title drew me because, to be frank, it sounded pretty gross. I have nothing against camels, but I don’t tend to think of them and sanitation in the same light. Then again, cows don’t exactly strike me Read More

How to Monitor Your Salt Intake While Trying to Lose Weight

If you have been struggling to monitor your salt intake while trying to lose weight, don’t worry, as you are not the only one. Excessive salt in your diet can cause multiple health risks, such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke, so it’s a good idea to lower your salt intake. Here’s how you can monitor your salt intake for a healthier lifestyle: Don’t Add Extra Salt While Eating Out Most of the foods you are eating already contain salt or sodium in some form. Sometimes, we just add extra salt on top of our food out of habit. The next time you are eating out, keep the saltshakers away from you. You will be surprised to know the food will taste great anyway. It is the same at home: keep the saltshakers away when you’re eating. Read Nutrition Labels If you want to cut down on salt, Read More