Losing Weight The Average Joe Way

A great attitude is important to achieving any goal, especially those such as losing weight, which can take a longer period of time and can prove to be rather challenging at times.  After all, weight loss for the average joe usually means that you need to make a number of changes to your habits and lifestyle, and you will need to reduce or even eliminate some of the things that you find comforting or enjoyable, such as certain foods or sedentary behaviors.

Your thoughts are what guide you, and if your attitude is allowed to turn negative, then you have almost certainly doomed your diet to failure.  This is not to say that you are weak or that you aren’t dedicated.  It just means that you haven’t learned the right tricks to help you beat the bulge.

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The Two Most Important Weight Loss Tips for Average Joes Wanting to Lose Weight

Granted there are hundreds of weight loss tips that can be very useful in helping you lose weight, but there are two in particular that address the most common problems that average joes have when it comes to shedding pounds.

#1 Most Important Weight Loss Tip - Find out how many calories you are actually eating, don't just guess. This is such a common problem in people who want to lose weight. Even though you may think you are "dieting", the truth is that most of the foods and drinks we eat are FULL of calories. Even if you exercise every day, if you don't begin to reduce how much you eat you will not lose weight.

#2 Most Important Weight Loss Tip - Weight loss not only requires you to change the way you eat, but also the way you EXERCISE. If you want to really see results, start getting more physical. There are lots of activities you can choose from depending on your abilities. The most important thing is to just get up and moving more than you have been.

How to Keep a Positive Attitude About Losing Weight

When you are feeling positive and optimistic, you motivate and empower yourself.  An average joe who feels this way is far more likely to achieve any goal they set their mind to – including a certain body weight.

The following are two important questions to ask yourself when it comes to your attitude while losing weight.

#1. What are your current thought habits?  You may not realize it, but the way that you think is based on habits, so the thoughts that come into your head are from patterns that have been established in these habits.  You can change thought habits just as you can change behavioral habits.  You just need to be aware of them and know the right methods to get there. 

The first step is to become aware of any pessimistic or negative thoughts that you have.  Pay attention to when they happen, what may have brought them on, and what topics they involve.  Then, find a practical, motivational alternative to those thoughts, and follow that instead.

For example, it is easy to start to feel frustrated or discouraged from your exercise routine when you don’t see the results that you had been expecting.  However, instead of letting that get you down and stop you from trying, let it motivate you to keep it up and learn how to get even more out of your efforts.  This persistence will help you get where you want to be.

#2. How is your environment influencing your thoughts? Are you always surrounded by people who are critical, negative, and pessimistic?  Do you rarely go outside for sunshine and fresh air?  Is your home or workspace décor happy with plants and other calming, encouraging, and positive items?

If any of the elements of your environment are dragging you down, it is within your power to change them.  Add a few leafy, low maintenance plants to the rooms in which you spend the most time.  They’ll clean the air and naturally soothe you.  Spend less time around people who drag you down and more time around individuals who lift you up.  Take at least a few minutes every day to walk outside, take deep breaths of fresh air, and enjoy a moment of sunlight on your skin.  Even if you’re just walking to the mailbox, enjoy the moment.  It will brighten and motivate you.

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