Healthy Weight Loss and Diet Pill Use: A Post by Breeze

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Joe and I have slightly different opinions on healthy weight loss and diet pill use.  His intention was to write about that this week, and he started asking me a slew of questions on the subject.  It wasn’t long before we agreed that it made sense for me to pop on here for this week’s post and write it myself.  I’m not a blogger, so please be kind with the comments you leave him on social.

How Joe and I Differ in Healthy Weight Loss and Diet Pill Use

I should probably introduce myself. I’m Breeze. You’ve heard my name a lot if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, especially as Joe’s nickname for me, Bree. I’m his fiancée. I want to be clear that I have absolutely every respect for his take on healthy weight loss and I think he makes the right choices for his own diet pill use.

We differ in these areas because we have different expectations and strategies that work for us, not because we think the other is wrong.  We’ve both done great in getting rid of the pandemic pounds we gained back in 2020 and early 2021 (of course…I think I should mention that I did win our little weight loss competition last year ?).

Joe has shared his diet and exercise strategy for weight control several times, and he’s talked about how he was using LIPONITRO last year and switched to TRIMTHIN X700, which he still uses.  It’s really working for him. The energy isn’t over-the-top for him, but it really powers him up for his workouts, especially when you consider how physical he is all day anyway as a trainer.

My Main Weight Loss Focus was What I Eat

I broke my weight loss down into a few different categories, including diet pill use to give me an advantage at the start. My diet pill of choice was PHENBLUE, which I’ll talk about shortly. I didn’t try the ones Joe used. They just didn’t suit my strategy. He wanted to be powered up for workouts. I wanted long-term control over what I eat.

Since I do most of the cooking for us, Joe got to benefit from this strategy by proxy, but I’ll try not to take credit for his successes on top of my own. He really did work very hard. He practices what he preaches.

I focused on:

  • Nutrition – I used an app to track absolutely everything I ate for the first while, but that was just to get a good idea of what I’m taking into my body and what my foods contain. I already have a background in nutrition, so I just wanted to top up my understanding of my own habits. I follow a flexitarian eating strategy. For me, it means that most of my diet is plant-based, but I still eat eggs, dairy, and fish on occasion, and I’ll eat poultry and meats on rarer occasion. That said, I will only eat them when I know where they came from. I focus on pasture-raised, sustainably and humanely sourced animal-based foods. It definitely costs more, but since I don’t eat much of it, it’s not too expensive for me. I do my homework. I check out the producers online, follow them on social media, and I’ve been known to head to farms with an appointment with the farmer to have a look. I don’t expect that farmers will give me tours. Their days are very busy. But I’m a customer and if they’re making claims about the way their animals are raised, I want to trust what they’re saying. So far, so good.
  • Fitness – I’m living with a personal trainer, so that’s pretty easy for me to keep up. I have equipment and advice readily available. That said, I really do love workouts. I do tons of different types of cardio. They’re my favorite kind of workout. I enjoy runs and swimming lately. I also love yoga, with a bit of Pilates in the mix sometimes. I used to take a tai chi class, but it shut down during the pandemic and never reopened.
  • Stress management – This was a new one for me. The last few years have been tense! So, I’m meditating, gratitude journaling, worrying in front of a candle flame for a set amount of time, and practicing a bunch of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques.
  • Sleep – My internal clock is so well tuned these days that I haven’t used an alarm clock in months. On days when I’m particularly keyed up, I will use a sleep aid called ZIESTA that I like a lot and that I’ve been convincing Joe to try to help him to get better rest too. It’s just for the occasional night when my mind is too active, and meditation just won’t cut it.
  • Diet pill use – As I mentioned earlier, I relied on PHENBLUE diet pill use to help me get on track and build the right healthy weight loss habits. I ordered three months’ worth and was surprised at what a difference they made.  I chose them for their fat fighting ingredients (all clinically researched!) and the energy boost they give. I ordered them directly from Intechra Health Inc., the company that makes them. The reason is that while I did spot them on Amazon and Walmart’s websites, the Intechra website came with free shipping and a free bottle of another product from the company called FENFAST 375 when I ordered three at a time. I also got a bulk discount, saving $13, which was fantastic. So, I saved a ton of money that way and got to try the second product as well, which I liked a lot, though I feel loyal to PHENBLUE. ?

My Experience with Diet Pill Use

Joe asked me to specifically talk about my diet pill use and how it helped me to beat him at our weight loss competition. That’s not specifically how he worded it, but I’m at the keyboard now, so I’m in control ?

I used PHENBLUE for 3 of the 4 months of diet pill use. The fourth month was the free bottle of FENFAST 375, which I used while I was right at the end of my weight loss, as I approached my goal. I liked that it was easy to use (two in the morning when I got up, another two a half hour before lunch), it was affordable, and it gave me about as much energy as a good coffee. No jitters or any side effects for me.

I also liked that the ingredients contained fat fighters because while I was carefully watching what I was eating, it felt good to have the added advantage on my side throughout my weight loss. It helped me to build the right habits that I’m still keeping up, but with some extra oomph. Because of that, it was easier to stay on track and to stay driven and motivated to keep up what I was doing.

Thanks for reading. If you made it this far, I congratulate you. I’m obviously chattier than Joe as a blogger. Back to Joe next week!

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