Who Won the Weight Loss Competition? Bree or Me?

Who Won the Weight Loss Competition

Bree and I have reached the point in our weight loss competition when we’re both pretty sure that we are ready to announce the results.  This is a bit sooner than we’d expected, but that’s for good reason.  It’s a reason I hadn’t banked on, and it is one that will give Bree bragging rights for far longer than I’d like…but here it is.

The Weight Loss Competition Winner Is…

Yes, that’s right, Bree won the weight loss competition fair and square.  In fact, she reached her goal two weeks ago and has maintained it since that time, so I can’t just claim that it was a fluke, an effect of humidity on the bathroom scale, or that it was some kind of temporary water weight loss that didn’t count…although I did playfully accuse her of all those things. A fiancé’s prerogative.

Yes, Bree is looking and feeling great and is very proud of herself, as she should.  She stuck to her strategy of eating well, exercising regularly and taking a diet pill for support. It all paid off for her.

I did a similar style with a different pill and though I had an early lead and it looked like I’d be the winner for about the first month, my results slowed while hers picked up. I’m about to reach my goal very soon, but she’s got hers solidly already.

What Was Bree’s Weight Loss Competition Winning Strategy?

The weight loss competition was won with a focus on the following components:

  • Healthy diet – She didn’t strictly stick to calorie counting, but she did keep an eye on her calorie consumption. She tracked her food strictly at the start, but eased off the tracking over time, only entering foods on certain days when she wasn’t feeling certain she had a good grasp of her nutrition that day. Bree is a Flexitarian these days, eating mostly plant-based foods, but also eating animal-based foods when they are pasture-raised or otherwise humanely and sustainably sourced. Basically, the animal has to have a happy life (even if it is a short one), and she needs to be able to see that with regular social media posts – and even in-person visits – to the farm.
  • Regular exercise – I’m a personal trainer and Bree is more motivated than I am to get her workouts done. She loves them. She runs, cycles, swims, strength trains, does yoga, and has even dabbled in tai chi. She does pilates in the winter, but that was not a part of her workouts that won her the weight loss competition.
  • Stress management – Exercise is a part of Bree’s stress management, but so are meditation, designated worry times, gratitude journaling, and mindfulness techniques. She takes stress management very seriously and while I admit that I teased her about it a bit at first – some techniques seem hokey to me – they work for her, and I’ve backed off. In fact, I can admit that she is right and have adopted some of these techniques for myself because Bree’s mental health is better than mine, so I can shut up and learn a thing or two from her!
  • Sleep – Bree gets up and goes to bed at the exact same time every single day. She doesn’t even use an alarm clock anymore. On days when she’s wired and knows she’ll be sleepless, she uses a sleep aid with melatonin and valerian root to make sure she stays on track.
  • Diet Pill – Yes, like me, Bree used a diet pill to give her an advantage to overcome the hard parts of losing weight. She’s just finishing off her last bottle now (she ordered three), so we’ll see if she keeps up the lost weight after those benefits are gone. She used PHENBLUE for its energy boosting and fat fighting ingredients. I’m still happy that I chose LIPONITRO, but I’m nearly done my last bottle, and I’ve got my eye on a different product that helps to charge up workouts as well. It had been my top choice when all this started, but it was sold out at the time. I’m looking forward to getting going with that and powering up my exercises while I work on improved toning once the weight is gone.

What’s Next?

As I mentioned, I’m focusing on toning and fitness now. Bree has already started that. She’s considering trying a new fitness supplement like I am – though a different one – but hasn’t decided yet. She’s doing her research, which I can only respect. I’ll let you know what we choose and if we set up a new competition going forward. Keep up with me on Facebook for all the details along the way!

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