Do We Really Lose Weight Faster Than Women, Bro?

Really Lose Weight Faster Than Women

Do men really lose weight faster than women?  Does the sex we’re born with really make that much of a difference to the effectiveness of our dieting?  While some people – including my fiancée, Breeze – swear that there is a physical difference between us that makes it easier for me to drop a pound of fat than it would be for her, others think it’s all in our heads.

Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

What should we believe? Hundreds (thousands?) of years’ worth of claims that men lose weight faster than women? Or is there something deeper to this question?  If it is all in our heads, then why is it that we’re thinking it in the first place.

Important Note About This Blog Post

At this point, I’m just going to add a bit of a disclaimer.  When I’m talking about men and women, I’m talking about physical biological sex with which a person is born. I am not talking about gender, which is an entirely different thing.

Also, when I talk about the differences between how men and women lose weight for the rest of this article, please note that I’m speaking in generalized terms, and I am basing what I’m saying on research that I will link to so that you can check it out. 

Please understand that, when it all comes down to it, I’m a physical trainer, not a doctor. I’m posting this piece for information – and entertainment – purposes. If you’re struggling to lose weight, please speak with your healthcare provider.

Take a Closer Look at the Situation

Overall, the typical male body contains more lean muscle tissue than the typical female body.  Since muscle tissue is a natural calorie burner, the male body will typically burn more fat, regardless of whether it is active or at rest.  Therefore, when a man and a woman cut the same number of calories out of their diets, the male body has the opportunity to burn more calories than the female body.

That said, while men can usually lose weight faster than women for a while, the situation is temporary.  Yes, bro, we have an easier time of it at the start, but over the longer term, the situation evens out.  We lose our advantage, and our female weight loss or workout partners will start to pace us.

The Bottom Line About How Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women

When it all comes down to it, for the first bit, we do lose weight faster than women.  But it’s not a race, and that’s a good thing. Because we lose our advantage pretty quickly.  It’s present enough to make it easy to notice, particularly because it’s right at the beginning, but soon enough the advantage is gone.

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