How Do You Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau? Could This Diet Pill Help?

Break a Weight Loss Plateau

I think a weight loss plateau is one of the most frustrating things we can face when we’re trying to cut the extra pounds. It’s damaging to the feeling that you’re getting anywhere or that our efforts are worthwhile.  After all, if I’m stepping on the scale week after week, only to see the exact same number despite my best fat burning efforts, I’m going to get frustrated. I’m going to question what I’m doing.  Getting to understand why this happens and what I should do about it has made a huge difference to achieving my goals.


Everyone who diets for any period of time knows that a peak or a plateau will occur eventually. Since we don’t all have my amazing fiancée Bree to be the voice of reason, I’ve decided to blog about why this happens and to introduce a diet pill that can safely and effectively break through that weight loss plateau.

This is actually a pretty complex subject, but I’ve simplified it to make it easier to understand and digest. I’ll likely jump back into some of these subjects now and again to flesh them out. They’re always good to know.

Every Body is Different and Every Weight Loss Plateau is Different

Each of us has our own body chemistry that is unique; this is why when we diet along with friends and family, we see a different result across the board–even when we use the same diet pills together. Our metabolism is in-part the culprit here and it is affected by several factors that differ among people.


Your age after 30 slows your metabolic rate which rules how fast you burn fat. After kids it does the same at nearly any age.


If you are mostly sedentary–such as an office worker or telecommuting from home, you will tend to have a slower metabolism and even possibly eat more.


Certain health conditions such as diabetes or thyroid issues will affect the way your metabolic rate adds up.


This is a way of serial dieting that will also throw your metabolism out of whack and will be pushing the peak very soon. Only this is a peak way too hard to get out of–without help that is.

So, in saying this–with any of the above circumstances–you will tend to peak.


One of the best resources available to you to overcome your weight loss plateau is a good quality diet pill.  That said, it takes the right product to be able to support you the way you need when you need to step up your efforts to drop the pounds.

I’m not going to tell you that there’s just one single option that will cure all your weight loss plateau problems.  That said, I have found that there are a few that really stand out as exceptional in being able to break through your struggle. For a lot of people I’ve been coaching, the answer that has helped them out the most is PHENBLUE.  That product is manufactured by Intechra Health in a United States facility.

Though PHENBLUE doesn’t pretend that it will lose the weight for you, it will give you added support so you can level-up your weight managing strategy.  Many dieters call it a rescue aid that will give you the added benefits you need to leap over your hurdles and pursue your goals with everything in you.

How do PHENBLUE capsules do this? To start, it provides a spectrum of benefits from clinically researched ingredients selected specifically for the advantages they can provide to dieters following a healthy weight loss strategy.  After all, Phentermine Blue isn’t appropriate for everyone.  That drug is meant for certain obesity patients who need assistance in losing the pounds to achieve a healthier body mass.

On the other hand, PHENBLUE was developed for overweight dieters who don’t suffer from obesity but who need a hand with the challenges from their dieting programs.  It provides an energy boost to make it easier to keep up with a weight management strategy and power through a fat burning workout.  The patented fat interaction ingredient, NeOpuntia helps to let you know you are getting the most out of every workout you complete.  The focus enhancement makes certain you’ll stay right on track in paying attention to the food choices you make.

These benefits are precisely the types of advantages you require to overcome the barriers causing your weight loss plateau. This is particularly true when paying attention to the issues that led to the plateau in the first place.  In this way, you’ll make the right changes to what you eat and to your active lifestyle while avoiding the challenges that often come with those types of change.

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