The Best Meatless Burger Out of the 3 I Tried

Best Meatless Burger I Tried

I am on a million to find the best meatless burger. I love a good burger. I love them. I never loved them this much until I moved to the United States. For this reason, Bree likes to tell people that she has her work cut out for her on meatless meal nights.  It’s not true. I like our meatless meals, just not when I’m craving burgers. That’s why I decided to raid the grocery store’s shelves to find one that didn’t come from an animal.

Finding the Best Meatless Burger

One of the best meatless burgers I’ve ever tried, in truth, is a portobello mushroom cap, grilled with a touch of teriyaki sauce brushed into the inside. Still, when I want one that acts like a meat-based patty, the mushroom isn’t what I’m looking for.  It’s for that reason that I’ve taken on this test.

Before I start declaring my love to the best meatless burger I could find, I want to make it clear that I bought each of these myself and am not being compensated any way for mentioning their brands. I know a lot of bloggers have paid links, but that’s not the case here. I’m talking about sandwiches because I think it’s interesting, and it was a fun experiment to do.

The Best Meatless Burger Patties I Tried

There are a surprising number of plant-based patties out there. Some have veggies visible within them – especially corn for some reason – and others looks surprisingly like ground beef, both raw and cooked. While I tried a ton of them, these ones are the best meatless burger patties I could find.

Beyond Meat Vegan Patty

This was definitely an expensive option, but in my opinion, it lives up to all the hype made about it.  Its texture, flavor and smell all pass for beef very easily. It looks convincing both when in its raw state and when it’s cooked.  I don’t feel that the smell of it while it’s cooking is like beef, but it is the same once it’s cooked. It tasted the same with the toppings, too.

Lightlife Plant Based Burgers

These ones shocked me because they were notably more expensive than the Beyond Meat patties, but they weren’t quite as good.  They still made it onto my best meatless burger list because it cooked up nicely and I like the taste and texture. It has a good meat-like look, feel and smell, even though it’s made of pea protein (as well as cherry and beet powders and canola and coconut oils among other ingredients). One caution, I’d say, is to be extremely careful if cooking these in a pan because they burn easily. It could be because of the coconut oil they contain. I’m just guessing.

Dr. Praegers All American Veggie Burgers

This one wasn’t my favorite for taste or texture. On the other hand, it’s still extremely worthy of this best meatless burger list because its ingredients are fantastic. It’s based on pea protein but also contains other vegetables including carrots, sweet potato puree, and butternut squash, as well as avocado oil.


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