Start Your Day with Sustainable Weight Loss Habits That Work

Morning Sustainable Weight Loss Habits

Sustainable weight loss habits are really the gold standard we’re all looking for when we’re determined to drop the unwanted pounds. Some secret technique meant to cause rapid fat burning sounds appealing, but we all know that it won’t be long before we see the return of whatever was lost. That’s why it’s important to use techniques you’ll be able to keep up over time. Not just for a weekend or until you reach your goal, but for years to come. In that area, I find some of the most effective ones are those you’ll implement first thing in the morning.

Sustainable Weight Loss Habits to Stop Pounds from Returning

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know that I reached my weight loss goal about a year ago when my fiancée Bree and I decided to compete to lose our pandemic pounds. That said, even though we were competing and trying to lose the pounds we’d gained the year before, the intention was still to make sure it wouldn’t come back.

Neither one of us was focused on the short term. It was all about sustainable weight loss habits so we wouldn’t find ourselves in the same position the following year. Well, the following year is here, and I’m proud to say that while my weight fluctuates by two or three pounds, up and down, I’m about the same weight I was when I lost it all last spring.

Starting the Day on the Right Foot

When it comes to choosing sustainable weight loss habits, what you do throughout the entire day does matter. That said, in my experience, how you start the day is what will determine how things keep up throughout the hours that follow. With the right attitude right from the start, I know I’ll have set myself up for a day that is most likely to be successful.

Morning Sustainable Weight Loss Habits

The following are some of my top sustainable weight loss habits that can be practiced first thing in the morning to make sure my day is off to the right start.

  • Meditate – I like to meditate for about 10-15 minutes in the evening to shake myself loose from the day and wind down for sleep. In the morning, I find that 3-5 minutes is all I need to help myself to wake up and get myself focused on the day. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up. Sometimes, I don’t even sit up in bed, I just meditate still lying down. It’s great for starting the day with intention instead of feeling scattered and groggy.
  • Drink water – I love a coffee or tea in the morning, but before anything at all, I have a glass of water. I know some people will tell you to drink it warm or tepid. I think the point is to drink it and enjoy it. I usually have warm water in the winter and cold water in the summer. Overall, it depends on what I want that morning.
  • Eat breakfast – I’m a breakfast person. I get up, meditate, have my water, then eat breakfast. I know not everyone wants that first meal. Provided you’re not exercising in the morning (I do not subscribe to the myth of working out on an empty stomach), you don’t have to eat breakfast. If you’re planning to move around, I do recommend that you have something, even if it’s just half a banana (have the other half at lunchtime!).
  • Move your body – A morning workout gets it done before you can fill your day and become too tired or busy to do it later. That said, it also charges up my energy levels and makes me more likely to be active during the rest of the day. If you’re not ready for cardio first thing, even a brief yoga session can help you to get your body ready to move for the rest of the day. This is a key sustainable weight loss habit that I’ve seen as highly successful among my clients.

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