Workouts with Your Dog: The Ultimate Motivation Booster

Motivation from Workouts with Your Dog

Workouts with your dog are one of the most motivating steps you can take to ensure you’re keeping active every day. Millions of homes across the country now have pets because of the pandemic. For several months, breeders and shelters couldn’t keep up with demand.  While rescues used to hold open house days to try to get people to come and adopt their animals, many of them were empty for weeks at a time over the last while. For responsible pet owners, this has meant an opportunity to get a lot more active.

Workouts With Your Dog are Very Important to Both of You

Dog obesity is just as much of a problem in the United States as it is among us humans. That said, while we may be responsible for our own choices (to a certain extent), our dogs are completely reliant on us to help them to eat the right amounts and get all the exercise they need.  That may sound like a nuisance, but those required workouts with your dog can be at time you both look forward to and that benefits you both.

I’ve talked about Max, the Lab that Bree and I adopted not long before the pandemic started. Like so many owners in the US, we overfed Max early on and he started getting a bit…hefty.  Fortunately, we learned from our mistakes fast and got him on the right weight loss dog food (I blogged about it just over a year ago). Max is now a fit and healthy guy who, aside from a recent incident when he got his paw stung by an insect and had to get a shot at the vet to reduce the swelling, is the picture of health.

Max Won’t Let Me Off the Hook

I’m not going to lie to you and pretend that I don’t like exercising. Of course, I do. I’m a personal trainer and blogger. It’s one of my favorite things.  Still, that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to move every day at every hour.

Still, no matter how busy my day has been, how many clients I’ve seen, or how lazy my day has been, for that matter, I know that Max needs his chance to move around, too. We’ve set a routine so that he knows he’s going for a walk or jog in the morning, a short walk mid-day, and a walk or other adventure in the afternoon. These all happen at around the same time.  I swear Max has some kind of connection with a satellite so that he can tell the time.

For most people, walks are the center of workouts with your dog.  Bree, Max and I are no exception.  Still, there are lots of other things we do, too, to keep things interesting and fun. That’s especially true when the weather gets unbelievably hot out and we just can’t take him out on the asphalt or walk more than five minutes before we all start to droop.

Fun Workouts with Your Dog Other Than Walking

Aside from walking, fun workouts with your dog can include:

  • Dancing around an air-conditioned living room (choreographed or freestyle)
  • Agility training
  • Hiking along a tree-lined trail (dirt paths are cooler than asphalt and trees provide lots of shade)
  • Swimming
  • Frisbee

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