Creating Good Weight Loss Habits

So how do we break this routine and create good weight loss habits? The only way to break a habit is to replace it with another one…a habit that’s better for us. Remember! You’re wrapping that string of “good weight loss habits” around and around your wrist until one day you find that you’re doing the right thing rather than the convenient thing.

The Latest Research on Fat Cells And Weight Gain

A recent study that has been carried out at the University of Rochester has shed light on the relationship between fat cells and weight gain. According to the research, the Thy1 protein has an important role to play in primitive cells turning into fat cells. This research sheds light on the role of Thy1 protein in the development of fat cells and weight gain and its importance in the prevention of obesity and related conditions. So far, obesity and weight gain are predominantly viewed as behavior-related subjects, and therefore diet pills that have emerged on the market for treating obesity also contain anti-addiction and antidepressant medicines. However, these medicines have yet failed to address the molecular-level activity of the cells contributing to fat cell accumulation. The Role of Thy1 Protein in the Development of Fat Cells and Weight Gain It is interesting to note that the Thy1 protein in itself Read More

The New Years Weight Loss Resolution Guide

As the new year approaches, there is always a resolution or two or more to be made. We tend to go a little far with this because we get a bit excited and most of the time we fail. There is a reason for this. We tend to make promises based on the emotion we have at that moment. We don’t think it all through before we promise the one person it hurts the most to disappoint—ourselves. We are going to help you a bit this year by giving you a New Years Weight Loss resolution guide and bust some of those things that make us fail in the first place. New Years Weight Loss Resolution Guide: The first thing we need to ask you to do is grab a journal and mark that baby 2014. This is going to be your buddy for the year—at least the first three Read More