The New Years Weight Loss Resolution Guide

New Years Resolution Guide

As the new year approaches, there is always a resolution or two or more to be made. We tend to go a little far with this because we get a bit excited and most of the time we fail. There is a reason for this. We tend to make promises based on the emotion we have at that moment. We don’t think it all through before we promise the one person it hurts the most to disappoint—ourselves. We are going to help you a bit this year by giving you a New Years Weight Loss resolution guide and bust some of those things that make us fail in the first place.

New Years Weight Loss Resolution Guide:

The first thing we need to ask you to do is grab a journal and mark that baby 2014. This is going to be your buddy for the year—at least the first three months of it. At this point you need to start to write a few things down prior to your resolution time.

The first of what you need to get clear is how much weight you need to lose first. Write that in there and then start another page. On the next page, you need to ask yourself what put the weight on to begin with.

The reason why people fail is because the new year resolution is a Band Aide for a symptom and not the cause. People say OK, I am resolving to lose 40 lbs in three months and they charge ahead on a crash diet and guess what? They fail.

So, if for example you are an emotional eater, then you are going to have to write that down and admit it. If you are a junk food junkie—then you need to make sure you are attacking that. The point here is to attack the underlying issue and not the calories first—then you can be successful.

The rest of the journal is so you can find patterns and track results. Make sure you are watching what you are eating. Once you discover what has been sabotaging you for so long—you can cut that off and successfully lose the weight and keep it off once and for all.

Make realistic goals:

Another thing that you need to watch is to make sure you aren’t making lofty goals that you can’t reach so you become discouraged. It is an easy thing to do. If you are losing 40 pounds then set realistic goals for say 10 lbs a month or less—whatever you think you need to do.

Make sure you are making your resolution to change your lifestyle instead of you changing the weight which may or may not come back right after you begin your eating habits again. Using these tools, you can successfully create and stick to a New Years Weight Loss plan.

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