Weight Loss on a Budget Is Not Impossible: How It’s Done

When we think of weight loss and dieting we think we have to spend a bundle and throw out everything we’ve bought. This is not necessarily true—there is an element of truth to this but if we approach dieting in a different way and change our long-term mindset toward eating—we will achieve the weight loss on a budget and more!

The dieters mindset:

When we diet we think more in scarcity than anything else. We are simply living a life of tolerance to restriction and this needs to change for our own good. We need to take a look at changing the way we eat once and for all and with good reason—long-term results and good health.

Unless you are on a crash diet to lose weight for an upcoming event then this will be for you—this is for the long-term so as long as you understand that—you are in great shape.

What mindset should you have?

Your mindset is not that you are dieting to lose weight—your mind set is that you are looking to change eating habits for good—and yes, that starts with the cupboard.

Weight loss on a budget:

So what about your budget? We don’t want you to throw out anything but we do want you to hide it temporarily. This means taking all the fatty stuff out out of the main pantry and place it in the garage if you have to—or better yet—give it to someone in need.

Learn to shop the right way:

Fresh fruits and vegetables—even some frozen ones–(we don’t like cans) do not have to be expensive at all. The best way to eat better is to design a healthy low fat diet around the fruit and vegetables in season and on sale. Green or farmers markets are the best sources of these foods and you should visit them frequently. Weight loss on a budget really isn’t expensive at all when you do it the right way.

Don’t shop for a whole week or month:

If you can, your pocket will benefit from shopping in small amounts for shorter periods of time rather than doing the stock up. The correct dieting approach is to have lean proteins in the way of fish or fowl and starches that are not white or bleached—so you can stock up on brown rice and whole wheat pasta but do try and put a sweet potato instead of a white starch like russets or Yukon golds.

How to use up your old stuff:

You can throw some of your not so good for you stuff that will go bad into the good for you stuff until its done. However when it’s gone—no replacing! Just make some yummy roasted potatoes or mashed with your leftover russets or Idaho’s for a lingering while—it won’t kill you. Shop every three days or so and get steaming or stir frying those veggies and soon, you won’t look back!

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