Weight Loss on a Budget Is Not Impossible: How It’s Done

I just got back from the grocery store, so weight loss on a budget is definitely on my mind at the moment. Food prices are insane right now! Especially the healthy ones. Sure, I could subsist on the cheaper foods if I was committing to a no-nutrient diet, but the ingredients I’m used to relying on are absolutely ridiculous at the moment. So, while I should have been focusing on my grocery list, I’ve actually been tallying on to help to keep nutrition and diet affordable.

How Savoring Your Foods Could Help You Eat Less

I’ve been taking a new look at the importance of savoring your foods and have realize that this is an important priority when it comes to healthy eating. It’s not just a matter of enjoying the meal – which is definitely an important factor.  It also has a surprising impact on how much we eat.

The Biggest Weight Loss Myths Debunked

It can be downright confusing when you try to decipher the biggest weight loss myths from the truth. There is so much conflicting information out there that it can simply make your head spin. Just about the time that you feel that you understand what it takes to lose weight, you have to start all over again. Social Media Spreads Weight Loss Myths To start, I’m just going to say that I love social media. I sign on using my phone and computer.  Some accounts I use practically constantly, others just now and again. But either way, I get a lot out of posting, sharing, commenting and the whole thing. Still, there’s always that downside to social media and that includes spreading weight loss myths. In fact, I’d say that easily more than half the weight loss myths I’ve ever fallen for have been ones I’ve seen on social media.  Read More

Debunking the Biggest Diet Myths

Over the years, dieting has become a trend, more than a fad. This is great for anyone who wants to diet and lose weight, as there is a lot of information and advice available online. The only catch is that not all the data you find about dieting is correct. There are a number of diet myths doing the rounds which unfortunately many people believe. As a result, they are unable to diet correctly to achieve the results that they are looking for. To ensure you don’t face the same issue, here are a few of the biggest myths about dieting debunked: Low-Fat and No-Fat is the Way to Go To lose weight, you need to get rid of the fat stored in your body. However, not all fat is bad. There are some good fats as well, which, believe it or not, your body needs to function optimally. If Read More