Healthy Weight Loss Resources to Use (and Some to Avoid)

With the gestures broadly still underway, healthy weight loss resources outside the gym are in high demand. As a personal trainer, I get this. Would I prefer that people use their gym or come to my studio? If appropriate for their workout, of course I would. But things as they are, I completely understand why people are staying home. This has opened the opportunity to share some great information that is helpful regardless of whether or not you’re using the gym.

5 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips I’ve Learned in the Last Month

Over the last month or so, I’ve been doing a lot of research for this blog and have come across some amazing science-backed weight loss tips that I’ve been collecting. I was thinking of doing a separate post about each one – and I still might – but for now I feel like they’re much too good to keep to myself.  So, you can probably expect me to expand on some – or all – of these in the future, but here is a list of great ones to help get you started. My Favorite 5 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips from a Month of Research While researching, I probably came across hundreds of tips, but I’ve tried to keep the science-backed weight loss advice separate.  That way, at least I know it’s not just a matter of sounding right. It actually has some research to stand behind it. 1 – Read More