5 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips I’ve Learned in the Last Month

Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

Over the last month or so, I’ve been doing a lot of research for this blog and have come across some amazing science-backed weight loss tips that I’ve been collecting. I was thinking of doing a separate post about each one – and I still might – but for now I feel like they’re much too good to keep to myself.  So, you can probably expect me to expand on some – or all – of these in the future, but here is a list of great ones to help get you started.

My Favorite 5 Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips from a Month of Research

While researching, I probably came across hundreds of tips, but I’ve tried to keep the science-backed weight loss advice separate.  That way, at least I know it’s not just a matter of sounding right. It actually has some research to stand behind it.

1 – Have a Goal and Make it Clear

Just saying that you want to lose weight isn’t enough to make sure you’re going to get to where you want to be.  Sure, there are no guarantees no matter what strategy you choose.  Still, having a goal and setting it properly will greatly increase your odds and research supports this.  A quality goal means that it is clearly defined (for instance, not just saying that you want to lose weight, but that you want to lose 15 pounds or that you want to reach 175 pounds), that you know where you are to start, and that you have smaller goals to reach between where you are at the start and that large goal at the end. It may also involve strategies for overcoming challenges such as a weight loss plateau.

2 – Don’t Drown in Calories

Your main drink every day should be water. There are lots of reasons for this in science-backed weight loss advice. That said, as far as I could see, there were two main ones:

  • Water doesn’t contain any calories and most other drinks contain more than you think – and don’t fill you up. So, you get calories, but your hunger isn’t satisfied.
  • Proper hydration helps you to control hunger pangs while encouraging your body to be more efficient. While it’s easier to control your calorie intake, your metabolism runs efficiently to burn the calories you do eat.

3 – Keep Ultra-Processed Foods to an Ultra-Minimum

It’s dumb to think that you’ll never eat your favorite treats or snacks again. However, science-backed weight loss tips almost always tell you to dump the junk food if you want to lose the pounds and keep them gone. Save the chips for a special treat. Save the cupcakes for birthdays. Find healthier alternatives to serve you the rest of the time. Don’t deprive yourself but be reasonable.

4 – Make Produce the Bulk of Your Food

Have a look at your plate at meals and snacks.  It should be half vegetables and fruits, a quarter protein, and the remaining quarter whole grains and other high-powered carbs. You’ll naturally get a touch of healthy fat in there in the prep but don’t overdo it.

5 – Strength Train!

Yes, cardio gets all the glory in science-based weight loss tips.  But this is one tip I can tell you for absolute certain – it’s not all about the cardio workouts. Strength training makes a difference. Before you get on my case and say: “exercise doesn’t make you lose weight, it’s diet that does it”, I want to be clear.

Yes, diet is the main factor in losing weight. That said, exercise counts.  And if you keep reading the research that says diet is the main factor for losing weight, you’ll discover that the second half shows that exercise is what keeps the lost pounds gone. The two factors work together.  That said, strength training builds muscle and balance. This not only turns your body into a greater fat burner, but it also helps to prevent injuries when you do your cardio workouts. Like diet and exercise, cardio and strength training are inseparable if you want results.

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