Even Limited Exercise Prevents Depression Symptoms

I’ve been sharing my thoughts about how exercise prevents depression symptoms for a while now. I’m not an expert in mental health. I’m a physical trainer, so please don’t take this as actual medical advice. That said, what I’m talking about here is the results of studies or what other experts have shared and that I’ve found valuable. In this case, it’s about research that shows even a small amount of physical activity seems to help prevent this common mental health struggle.

Healthy Weight Loss Resources to Use (and Some to Avoid)

With the gestures broadly still underway, healthy weight loss resources outside the gym are in high demand. As a personal trainer, I get this. Would I prefer that people use their gym or come to my studio? If appropriate for their workout, of course I would. But things as they are, I completely understand why people are staying home. This has opened the opportunity to share some great information that is helpful regardless of whether or not you’re using the gym.

My Favorite 5 Foods That Provide Awesome Nutrition for Men

I’ve learned by experience, trial and error, failure, and victories that fitness and nutrition for men are two puzzle pieces that fit together to complete a final goal. I can’t get the most out of a gym session without eating right. At the same time, I can’t get the results I want from eating right if I don’t work out properly.