My Top Diet Pill for 2022: LIPONITRO vs TRIMTHIN X700

My Top Diet Pill for 2022

I’ve been putting off talking about my top diet pill for 2022 because I really wanted to give it a lot of thought. I’ve tried a lot of products over the years, and I’ve tried two in particular that were very helpful in supporting me for reaching my goals this year.  Considering where we are on the calendar, it’s really time that I make my decision, so I can share it in time, so here it is.

Two Contenders for Top Diet Pill for 2022

There are two main products I’d narrowed things down to for top diet pill for 2022.  These are:


Bree asked me to mention that she also liked a pill called PHENBLUE this year. That said, I didn’t try that one, so I can’t speak to how well it works. For me, it was the above two options that were really my focus for top diet pill for 2022.

A Heads Up About My Top Diet Pill for 2022 Choices

Just to be clear, when I’m talking about the top diet pill for 2022, I’m talking about the option best suited to my nutrition and workout strategy. I’m not saying that this is the right product for everyone. There is no single perfect product for all people.  However, I’ve had a lot of luck with LIPONITRO and TRIMTHIN X700 in two different goals, so I want to talk about it for anyone else to consider for their own strategies.

It’s still a very good idea to consider the steps you plan to take to reach your goals and to research whether the benefits of these diet pills suit your challenges.  I also always recommend talking to your doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle including diet, exercise and supplements of any form. It’s just smart to do and is by far the smartest way to get started toward your goal.


I used LIPONITRO as a part of my overall effort to move forward in a workout with more energy as I battled a few extra pandemic pounds I’d let creep onto my body the year before. What I liked about this diet pill was:

  • It contained only clinically researched ingredients (and the studies in peer-reviewed journals were all cited/linked on the official website).
  • It contained stimulants for energy but in the right form and balance that I was never jittery or tense.
  • It contained thermogenics that supported my metabolism, so all my workouts gave me their maximum benefit.


After I’d already reached my goal with the support of LIPONITRO, I shifted gears to focus more on workout performance and preventing weight gain. I am determined to maintain my results and to continue to nourish and strengthen my body.  For that, I switched to TRIMTHIN X700.  To be honest, that was the pill that I’d wanted to use in the first place, but it was sold out when I wanted to start losing those pandemic pounds, and LIPONITRO was cheaper, so I went for it (and consider myself lucky that I did).

TRIMTHIN X700 had many of the same advantages that came with LIPONITRO.  That said, this one seemed to be an upgrade for me. I don’t know if I would have truly appreciated how advanced this formula truly is if I hadn’t tried other products first – good ones and bad ones – but I can definitely appreciate it now.

I added it to my list of health supplements I take on a regular basis (don’t get me started about eye health again!). I’ve been taking it for about half of the year and am as satisfied with it today as I was when I first got started.  Here’s what I like about it.

  • All clinically researched ingredients with details into the research provided and cited on the official website.
  • A solid energy boost in the morning and afternoon without jitters or muscle tension.
  • I haven’t turned to a single energy drink since I started taking them. I just don’t need them anymore.
  • I love the additional focus enhancement that keeps me aimed directly at my goal.
  • It contains ingredients for weight management support, so I know I’ve got a team on my side to help me keep off the pounds I fought so hard to lose.

Which Supplement is Top Diet Pill for 2022?

In case you haven’t guessed already, TRIMTHIN X700 is my hard won top diet pill for 2022, hands down.


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