I Use These 7 Tips to Power Up My Workout with More Energy

Power Up My Workout with More Energy

I’m dealing with a few pandemic pounds (not much, but enough that I don’t want them to still be here when the summer arrives), so I’m going to charge up my workout with more energy. My lifestyle is important to me personally and to my work as a physical trainer. If I’m not getting it done, I definitely can’t expect my clients to listen to what I’m saying. So, before the summer months start, I’m going to get things back in order and get my habits back on track.

Why is My Focus a Workout with More Energy?

I know that I’m including baked goods into my snacks more often than I should. A small dessert doesn’t hurt, but desserts have crept into my snack categories over the last while, too. It comes in waves over the winter, but especially this year since I had the pandemic to blame for pretty much everything irresponsible that I was doing.

With the summer on its way, I don’t have that same luxury. I do need to clean up what I’m eating. Equally, I need to charge up my workout with more energy to get more from it. I’ve plateaued with my progress not because I haven’t been progressing but because I haven’t been motivated to try harder. With everything happening in the news in Texas from the winter storm catastrophe to the unrest over everything pandemic-related, depressive symptoms have been draining me. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to get back into blogging regularly. This recharges and focuses me.

How I’m Charging Myself Up to Exercise

Here are the steps I’m taking to charge up a workout with more energy. I’ve based them on my own experience as well as recommendations from the American Heart Association. They’re what I recommend to my clients, and I’m using them for myself, too.

  1. Hydrate – I drink water throughout the day as well as before, during and after I exercise.
  2. Fuel with food – I eat meals packed with lean protein, healthy fats and high quality carbs. When I find my energy fading in between, I snack on vegetables, fruits and whole grains because healthy carbs offer good nutrition, fiber and fast energy.
  3. Gear up – Fatigue kicks in faster during a fat burning workout when my gear isn’t performing. The key is to wear clothing and shoes right for the workout, that fit properly, and that are in good condition. Old and comfy is for
  4. Charge up – If you follow me on Facebook (and Twitter, though not as much), then you’ll know that I decided to go with a new supplement to help energize me to where I need to be. I’m trying LIPONITRO because it’s got the right stimulants, but not so much that I’ll get jitters. I’ll get energy and metabolic support and power through my exercises.
  5. Breathe – Life is draining right now. Sometimes, stopping for a breath, just to step back from the stress can be invigorating. Some people like to meditate. I find just taking a few slow and deep breaths in and out is often enough.
  6. Refresh – Break times are as important as exercising. If I want a workout with more energy, then I make sure I take one day off per week and I don’t push the same muscle groups day after day.
  7. Get started – The most important thing is that I’m getting started right now. The sooner I get these steps going, the sooner they’ll be a regular habit.

If you’re curious about the LIPONITRO I’m trying out, follow my AuJoe page on Facebook or Twitter or check back here often because I’ll be writing updates as I find out how it goes.

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