High Protein Snack Ideas that Don’t Involve Shakes and Bars

Whole Food High Protein Snack Ideas

High protein snack ideas I see all too often are made out of powders or come out of candy bar packages.  I’m not totally against these products. They can serve their purpose at times, particularly when you need to head out the door fast, without the chance to think or plan at all.  I’ve got them in my house for those rare occasions. That said, they really aren’t your best option for everyday use when there are so many more nutritious, flavorful, and satisfying options out there that you can get cheaply and conveniently.

High Protein Snack Ideas for Busy People

When you’re busy, eating the right foods at any time at all, let alone for snacks, can be challenging. This is especially true when you’re trying to focus on a specific nutrient or macro.  When my clients really get into their training, I usually recommend high protein snack ideas right from the start.  That way, even before they can sink into the habit of relying on powders and bars that do contain some protein, but also a lot of other ingredients that aren’t great for nutrition – not to mention the price – they can get in the habit of eating whole, nutritious and flavorful foods.

A Matter of Taste

What I find interesting is that the guys I train who start with my high protein snack ideas early will usually find that shakes and bars taste far less appealing than the guys who use them right off the bat. I don’t know if eating whole foods more regularly does something to your taste buds, but guys eating those snacks always say that the powders taste chalky, metallic, or just fake in a bad way. The guys who use them from the start usually shrug and say they’re fine, particularly one specific flavor. I wonder if anyone has ever studied that phenomenon.

My Favorite High Protein Snack Ideas

These are all less expensive than a shake or bar, and each of these high protein ideas comes with a lot of extra nutrition above just the right macro balance.  In fact, some of them are superfoods.  None are difficult to find. If you don’t have most of these – if not all – at your local supermarket, maybe think of changing supermarkets!

  • Two hardboiled eggs – 26 grams of protein (pro tip – boil 6 at a time and keep the extras in the fridge. You’re set for three days)
  • Edamame, 2.5 ounces – about 8 grams of protein (pro tip – prep lots of them and freeze the portions. Grab when you’re ready to go)
  • Plain Greek yogurt – between 4-9 grams, depending on the brand. (pro tip – add fruit if you don’t like plain yogurt, but don’t buy the flavored stuff)
  • Peanut butter and apple slices – about 8 grams of protein in 1 ounce of peanut butter.

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