Health Supplements I Use to Reach My Goals

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It’s been a while since I blogged about my choice to start using TRIMTHIN X700 as a part of my health supplements. So, I’ve decided to talk about my progress with those fitness supplements as well as discuss the other products I’m taking (or plan to in the very near future).

Why I Take Health Supplements in the First Place

There are lots of reasons that I take health supplements. One of them was specifically recommended by my doctor, others are to help me out in achieving various general or specific goals.  Overall, they’re to help top up any gaps in my diet that could hold back the results I want to achieve.

My diet, on the whole, is pretty good.  I give Bree credit for that.  She’s the one who encouraged me to care more about it in the first place.  Since then, just knowing she’s there helps me to keep myself accountable.  I plan to spend my life with her.  Why would I do less than my best to make sure I won’t be a burden to her if it can be avoided?

What Health Supplements am I Taking?

The following are the health supplements I’m taking and why.


I’ll talk about TRIMTHIN X700 first since that’s the one I’ve talked about in the past. Check out my blog post on the subject if you want all the nitty gritty.  As an update, I’ve been using it to level-up my workouts since July and I’m very satisfied with what it provides. I especially like the energy boost it gives me in the morning and in the afternoon. I’ve been taking them daily and have forgotten to take them five or six times since July – for me, that’s not too bad.  I haven’t had any side effects from them, and I stay powered up through my workouts as well as through my day as a personal trainer. Not one single energy drink since I started taking these.

2 – VISIPRO 20-20

I’ve talked about my obsession with my eye and vision health in past blog posts too, so I’ll keep this short.  I’ve been taking VISIPRO 20-20 health supplements for quite a while now and have no plans to stop. They’re an important part of my efforts to nourish my body without neglecting my eyes.

3 – Jamieson Vitamin D3 Drops

My doctor told me that everyone in the universe can pretty much benefit from taking vitamin D3 supplements, so I have been. I’ve taken tablets, gel caps and now I’m taking the liquid drops. I’ve read a lot about how tablets are essentially worthless, and that liquid is most easily and effectively absorbed by the body, which is why I made the switch. I found them messy at first, but now I’ve got the hang of it.

4 – Natural Vitality Calm Plus Calcium Unflavored

I’m a firm believer in the benefits of magnesium, and occasionally I don’t eat enough calcium according to my nutrition tracker app.  So, I mix this powder with my water because I don’t like the flavors they offer, which taste like metallic medicine.  The plain tastes very plain, but it’s a neutral flavor that doesn’t offend me.  I probably use this once a week as a health supplement to top up my nutrition when needed. I don’t use it daily.

Coming Soon to my Health Supplements List

I’ve been struggling to get enough sleep lately.  Probably twice a week, I have one of those overtired nights when I just can’t get more than a couple of hours despite how sleepy I feel.  Bree has been using a sleep supplement called ZIESTA.  She likes it a lot, so I’ll likely try some of hers if this keeps up.

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