Are You Eating Enough to Power Your Workout?

Are You Eating Enough

With all the focus on weight control, it seems odd to be asking if you’re eating enough to fuel the workouts you’re powering through on a given day. The thing is though, that in my experience, a lot of guys (myself included) have a tendency to want to do better than the expected results by pushing to extremes. We fast more. We push workouts further than recommended. We do them more often than advised.  In our minds – not excluding myself here – we’re the exception.

If You’re Not Eating Enough, You’re Doomed to Fail

I don’t know what it is about so many of us, but we really do think we can buck any trend and that specific advice is only a guideline that we can change if we think we know better (even when we don’t!).

For this reason, many men are at risk of not eating enough when we’re keeping up intense workouts, particularly if fat burning or weight loss is a simultaneous goal.  The thing is, your body absolutely needs the right nutrition to be able to perform at your best during your workout (and therefore get you the results) not to mention meeting your basic health requirements.

If you’re not eating enough to match the workouts you’re doing, even if weight loss is your goal, the outcome will be harm to your performance and your overall health. Since that will only hurt your success and make the entire experience suck as a whole, you’ve got to get to know how much your body needs for fuel for its function and for your performance.

Your Unexplained Fatigue Just Got Explained

If you’ve been fine in terms of energy levels but now your workouts are hard and you’re feeling unexplained fatigue during the day when you should be more alert, it’s time to have a look at your diet.  How much have you been cutting back to help you to achieve your goals? How much does your body require in fuel to power the workouts you’ve been doing?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions and you’re still experiencing unexplained fatigue, it’s important to talk to a doctor, a nutritionist or a personal trainer to find out if you’re not eating enough of if there is something else going on. You’ll likely find that with a bit of instruction about your meals and snacks, you’ll be able to get powered up again for your workout performance and your daily life as well.

If you’re eating enough, you’re healthy, and you’re getting a pretty good nutrition/macronutrient balance but you’re still dragging at times – like you don’t feel that you’re getting your maximum performance at the gym – look for the best supplement for energy you can find and consider giving that a try. You’ve seen in my previous posts that I’ve tried a few. I’m still using TRIMTHIN X700 at the moment to top me up when I need it. After all, even when we’re doing everything right, added support is still welcome.

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