Fruity Popsicle Recipes to Enjoy After a Workout

After a tough workout, your body is craving hydration and energy, and if you’ve been sweating a lot, you’re also looking for ways to cool off. What better way is there to cool down and refresh your body than with an ice-cold, fruity popsicle? Check out the fruity popsicle recipes below to start making some healthy options for yourself that you can enjoy post-workout every day. Green Tea and Fruit Get the benefits of green tea, which provides antioxidants and a metabolism boost, by blending it with delicious fresh fruits in the following recipe: · ½ scoop of your favorite post-workout protein powder · ¼ grapefruit · ½ banana · ¼ cup watermelon · ¼ cup of your favorite berries, such as strawberry · ¼ cup of your favorite plant-based, low-sugar yogurt · 2 tbsp green tea Simply use your preferred popsicle molds to freeze the blended mixture and have Read More

Why Strict Diets Could Actually Ruin Your Metabolism

Following a very strict diet that restricts calories, fat, and carbohydrates may seem like a great idea if you are attempting to lose a lot of weight and get into the best shape of your life. But the truth is that very strict diets could actually ruin your metabolism. Knowing the facts will help you make the right diet choices that will promote a faster metabolism to burn through calories and fat more effectively. Check out the information below to learn more about this important topic. Eating Too Few Calories Is a Bad Idea Again, you might think that restricting your calorie intake every day will not ruin your metabolism, but the opposite is actually true. While it is good to watch the number of calories that you consume so that you can effectively burn through all of them based upon your activity level, the key to your success will Read More

The Healthiest Frozen Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Frozen foods make for great snacks because you can prepare them ahead of time and then grab it from the fridge whenever you want. So, keep reading on how you can make the healthiest frozen foods right in your kitchen, without having to worry about increasing your calorie intake. Banana Nibblers Probably the simplest thing you will ever make and it’s also great if you have children around the house. Take a couple of bananas and slice them up. Then sandwich two slices with a layer of peanut butter in between. Place them on a tray and freeze for about an hour. And you will have yourself a tasty treat! Bananas help with your bowel movements and pairing it with peanut butter will help you with satiety. Fruity Chia Popsicle This is a great recipe for the summertime or if you are stuck at home because there’s a blizzard outside. Read More

Healthy Breakfast Ideas That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, Too

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, or trying to maintain your current weight or you just enjoy healthy eating, you still want something sweet to satisfy that sweet tooth every now and then. If you have decided to have dessert, breakfast is the best time to do so. In the morning, your metabolism is at its peak, after a good night’s sleep. Plus, you have the entire day to burn off the extra calories. Dessert before bed is the worst, as your body goes to rest and it doesn’t need as much energy from the food you have consumed. For the same reason, nutritionists recommend a heavy but healthy breakfast that your body can use for energy the entire day. Of course, it is still important to get lots of protein and healthy carbs, but why not jazz it up a little? Whole wheat bagels and Read More