A Multivitamin Doesn’t Get You Off the Hook for Eating a Healthy Diet

Many of my clients view eating a healthy diet as a total pain. I feel like that on occasion. I’m fortunate that I like a variety of foods and that Bree is the chef she is. It makes it easy for me to see that nutrition and flavor are not mutually exclusive. With the right tips and tricks, I can often encourage my clients to see things this way too. Still, even with nutritionally powerful meals, many people ask me if they can get away with eating less healthfully as long as they take a multivitamin.  Here’s how I answer.

A Healthy Eating Strategy and a Diet Aren’t Automatically the Same Thing

A healthy eating strategy is a great way to make sure you’re getting the balanced nutrition you need from a variety of delicious foods and dishes, while controlling your weight at the same time.  That said, it is not the same thing as being on a diet. So many of my clients don’t know the difference between the two when we first start working together. That’s okay, but even though I’m mainly focused on workouts, I always recommend that people also focus on their good nutrition.  That powerful combination gets the best results.