Want to Try an Extreme Diet? Before You Start, Ask Yourself Why

Men are increasingly likely to start using an extreme diet to try to achieve the body they want. This can include any combination of harmful eating habits and excessive exercising. I get it. We’d all like to have the kind of body we see on fitness or men’s magazines. Women aren’t the only ones with body image issues. Men are affected, too. We’re continually seeing images of men with so many muscles that their muscles have muscles. These are guys with no more than ten percent body fat. I’m doing great with my fitness efforts at the moment, but I’m not immune. I look in the mirror or see pictures of myself, and it’s the flaws that stand out.

A Guide to Diet and Exercise for Millennials

Millennials are the first generation to have been raised while being completely plugged in. They have grown up surrounded with rapid technological developments and are used to being constantly entertained. Due to all of these gadgets and desk jobs, millennials tend to have more sedentary lifestyles than previous generations. In this environment, millennials need to have a proper diet and exercise plan to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how you can go about managing your diet and exercise. A diet plan is important because it is easy to eat the wrong type of foods when you are constantly stressed and on the run. There are a couple of current trends all millennials can adopt fairly easily. The first is using cereal as a quick snack, rather than just a breakfast meal. This is great because it helps if one can eat every few hours rather than binge-eat in one sitting. Read More