A Guide to Diet and Exercise for Millennials

Millennials are the first generation to have been raised while being completely plugged in. They have grown up surrounded with rapid technological developments and are used to being constantly entertained. Due to all of these gadgets and desk jobs, millennials tend to have more sedentary lifestyles than previous generations. In this environment, millennials need to have a proper diet and exercise plan to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how you can go about managing your diet and exercise.

A diet plan is important because it is easy to eat the wrong type of foods when you are constantly stressed and on the run. There are a couple of current trends all millennials can adopt fairly easily. The first is using cereal as a quick snack, rather than just a breakfast meal. This is great because it helps if one can eat every few hours rather than binge-eat in one sitting. The only twist is millennials should ensure the cereal they are eating is healthy and nutritious. Pick one that is based on whole grains, nuts and fruits and is low in sugar.

Another trend the food industry has been promoting is small portions that can be gobbled up on the run. Sandwiches have been reinterpreted to offer them in bite size pieces. Similar to the cereal trend, millennials should pick a sandwich that is whole wheat based and healthy, so calories consumed stay within a limit. Exercise is also an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Some new trends that fit a millennial’s fast paced living are high tempo cardio workouts, like Zumba. Take a hold of this trend since its one that is actually helpful for your health.

Although millennials enjoy their quick paced living, they also seem to value communal environment (maybe all that screen-staring has increased their urge to spend time in groups). This is a good value to build on by joining a group for a workout. You can see this trend on streets where groups of joggers or bikers exercise together. Combining a social aspect to a fitness program will make your exercise a lot more pleasurable and fun rather than just another task on your day’s list of things to do.

Although millennials’ lives are extremely hectic these days, they can still enjoy a healthy lifestyle if they are willing to make some effort and follow good diet and exercise strategies.

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