How Savoring Your Foods Could Help You Eat Less

Savoring Your Foods to Eat Less

Have you ever considered how savoring your foods could help you eat less? If you think about it and you’re really honest with yourself, chances are that you rush through meals and don’t even taste the food itself. We all have too much to do and too little time to do it.  It’s only natural that the last thing that we have time for is to sit down and enjoy a meal.

However, if you do take the time to enjoy what you’re eating and begin savouring your foods, you might find that it makes a bigger difference than you might expect. In fact, it can change everything from the amount you eat to the ease of your weight management strategy, and it may even impact your mental health, too.

Slowing Down and Savouring Your Foods

It’s more natural for us to take it easy when we eat.  Savouring your foods is actually something your body and mind want you to do.  Eating on the go is a manufactured activity and is very much a part of our typical lifestyles at the moment.  However, it’s not the way we were designed to consume our food.

In actuality, there are measurable health benefits to sitting down, slowing down, savouring your foods and eating socially.  In fact, a number of countries, including Canada to the north of us, have included eating with other people and enjoying your food as a part of their national food guide recommendations.  This means that the official nutrition recommendations from their government weighs eating socially on a regular basis as being as important as consuming a balanced diet.

Why? Because enjoying your food, paying attention to it, and finding the process of eating to be pleasant helps to control anxiety and depression, shrink other mental health issues, decrease stress, and even reduce the amount that we eat.  It’s easier to enjoy healthier foods and eat an appropriate amount when we take a moment to appreciate what’s on our plates.

Eating Less But Enjoying More

When you slow down with your eating, you have a natural tendency to eat less. It only makes sense because in reality when we rush through we are not only unaware of the taste of food, but also of the portions that we are eating.

If instead you began savoring your foods it could help you eat less because then you are slowing the whole process down. You are taking the time to chew and really taste the food.  This gives your body and mind the opportunity to register what you’re eating.  Your stomach has time to send the necessary signals to your brain to indicate when you’ve had enough.  In essence, this is great for your ability to naturally eat less while squeezing more nutrition from every bite and enjoying the whole thing while you do.

Enjoying Each Bite Has Great Benefits

You need less to make you feel full because you are taking your time and savoring each and every bite. So as before when you were eating on the go or even standing up, you just shoved food in and didn’t think about what you were eating or how much.

If you sit down with a plate of food, take the time to chew and enjoy each and every bite, and really eat right. Pay attention to the various flavors you experience.  Notice what it tastes like when you first take a bite, but also how the flavor develops as you chew it.  Pay attention to the various textures of the ingredients.  When you’re not virtually inhaling your foods, you can appreciate different types of mouth feel, which can add to your eating experience.

Using this chance to savor your foods will help you to avoid needing to eat as much to make you feel full. Your stomach will signal that you are full earlier in your progression through your plate, and you will have actually enjoyed the food that you just ate, reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

The Bottom Line

There is truth to saying that savoring your foods could help you eat less and lose weight in the process. You can enjoy each bite and get that full feeling so much sooner.

You will be mindful of what you eat and how much you eat, and you won’t have the temptation or inclination to snack in between meals either. Not only does savoring your foods allow you to actually enjoy the taste of food, but it also ensures that you can lose weight the right way in the process.

Even better?  When you take the opportunity to savor your foods while eating with other people, the benefits will only grow.  You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that the people you’re eating with will enjoy those exact same advantages!

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