Best Weight Loss Exercises for Beginners

Do you need to lose excess weight but you aren’t sure where to begin? Well, in addition to eating right, you also need to establish an exercise routine that will consist of workouts designed to help you build muscle as you shed those unwanted pounds and fat.

Check out the best weight loss exercises for beginners below so you can get started right away.

Easy Cardio Workouts

When you are first starting out, you want to start incorporating some cardiovascular workouts into your weekly routine. You can begin by doing cardio maybe three days a week and then increasing the amount of cardio that you do as you get stronger.

Stick with moderate intensity activities that include:

  • Brisk walks around town
  • Short jogs at the park
  • Low-impact aerobics routines at home or at the gym
  • Swimming

You can start at 30 minutes and then increase to an hour, keeping track of your heart rate and your breathing rate to ensure you are not blowing past your limits.

At-Home Strength Training Exercises

In addition to cardio, there are many exercises that you can do right at home to build your muscles and boost your metabolism.

When it comes to weight loss exercises for beginners, you can start with workouts that use your own body weight. These include pushups, burpees, and forearm planks, which are designed to increase your strength from head to toe. You can also perform squats and lunges for your lower body, along with crunches for your core.

Once you feel strong enough, you can add in some weights in the form of light dumbbells. You can do bicep curls, as well as work on your triceps and shoulders with basic movements. You can also work on your back and your chest with a simple pair of dumbbells.

Power Yoga

Want to try something a little different? Sign up for a power yoga class or download one of the many online power yoga programs that are available.

In addition to building strength with the resistance of your own body weight, these classes are designed to increase your heart rate and lengthen your muscles through stretches. This is the type of yoga that you should be trying out if you want to lose weight and you want to add the benefits of yoga to your life.

These weight loss exercises for beginners are sure to get your blood flowing, your heart rate up, and your muscles burning. Remember to up the intensity as you get stronger by increasing the number of reps that you are performing or by adding a bit more weight to your routine.

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