From Average to Awesome Fitness: Your Keys for Success

Are you ready to go from average to awesome fitness? Then continue reading for a list of some of the keys to success.

Move More
Even if you exercise a few times a week and spend an hour on your workouts every time, you may still be too sedentary. For example, if you work at a desk for most of the day, you need to start getting more active. You can do this by pacing, standing, and even fidgeting like tapping your fingers and toes. By doing so, you could burn hundreds more calories per day, and that could lead to substantial weight loss over time.

Do Dynamic Stretching
Doing a few quick stretches won’t suffice if you want to achieve awesome fitness. Instead, you should be doing dynamic stretching routines. So, for example, while you’re standing, pull one of your knees into your chest and hold there for a few breaths. Alternate sides so that you can balance both sides of your body. You can also try stretches that will improve your range of motion at the same time. A great example is standing and kicking one leg back and forth at a time, increasing the speed slowly. These stretches will help fully prepare your body for the tough workout that’s to come, and they’ll also help prevent injuries.

Stop Counting Calories
Instead of focusing all of your attention on how many calories you’re consuming every day, focus on incorporating more fresh foods into your diet. This means ditching sugary drinks like soda, forgoing fast food and alcoholic beverages, and eating more plant-based, organic foods that aren’t processed or genetically modified. When you are able to feed your body right, your cells and tissues will have the energy necessary to power through the toughest workout, and you will also be able to recover in a shorter amount of time.

Focus on Interval Training and Short Sessions
When it comes to achieving awesome fitness, it is more about quality rather than quantity. You do not need to be a marathon runner to look and feel strong. Instead, focus on short workout sessions that are intense. Get your heart rate up safely while paying close attention to your form so you can prevent injuries. Plus, interval training is also a great option for those who need to increase their endurance.

With the tips above, you can go from average to awesome in no time, and you can continue to take your fitness routine to the next level.

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