Must-Have Winter Workout Accessories

If you love spending time in the great outdoors and you really enjoy exercising outside in the fresh air and sunshine, there is no reason to stop doing what you love when the winter rolls around. Even though the temperature will drop and the sun will set earlier in the day, you can still squeeze in an awesome outdoor workout that will keep you fit and slim, provided that you have the following winter workout accessories that will keep you comfortable.

Running Gloves
The right running gloves will be one of the most important winter workout accessories that you will invest in. Your extremities are the first things that will start to get cold when you are outside on a chilly winter day, especially when you are jogging, so purchase a pair of fleece gloves that will warm up your hands and keep the heat contained. You also want to purchase a pair that has a long cuff that will protect the wrists and the forearms. And choose gloves that have special touch tip technology that will allow you to still use your smartphone without having to take them off and exposing your skin to the cold.

A Neck Gaitor
Neck gaitors are fantastic winter weather accessories because they protect your neck and upper chest from the cold air. On very cold days, it’s really important to cover your neck, but if you are wearing a shirt that isn’t a turtleneck or doesn’t have a very high collar, you can add a neck gaitor to your outfit so that you can have an extra layer of warmth just where you need it. Tuck your nose and mouth inside the fabric, which should be insulating and soft, so that you can also warm up your breath.

A Warm Hat
A lot of your body heat will end up escaping through your head, so you want to purchase a warm hat, such as a knit option, that will keep the heat trapped and your head warm. Make sure the hat fits well and that the material will be thick enough that cold air will not be able to penetrate. This will allow you to remain as comfortable as possible, regardless of what workout you do outside in the cold.

With these winter workout accessories, you can still get your much-needed exposure to sunshine and fresh air even when everyone else is stuck inside at the gym.

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