How to Monitor Your Salt Intake While Trying to Lose Weight

If you have been struggling to monitor your salt intake while trying to lose weight, don’t worry, as you are not the only one. Excessive salt in your diet can cause multiple health risks, such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke, so it’s a good idea to lower your salt intake. Here’s how you can monitor your salt intake for a healthier lifestyle:

Don’t Add Extra Salt While Eating Out
Most of the foods you are eating already contain salt or sodium in some form. Sometimes, we just add extra salt on top of our food out of habit. The next time you are eating out, keep the saltshakers away from you. You will be surprised to know the food will taste great anyway. It is the same at home: keep the saltshakers away when you’re eating.

Read Nutrition Labels
If you want to cut down on salt, you have to start shopping for food which contains low quantities of salt or sodium. Look for alternatives. You will probably be able to find lots of delicious low sodium foods while you are out grocery shopping. Here are some tips for the next time you go shopping:

  • Compare nutrition labels on different food packaging before buying items.
  • Purchase tinned vegetables and pulses without added salt. If you cannot find tinned vegetables without added salt, opt for frozen vegetables.
  • When shopping for pasta sauces, opt for tomato based sauces as they are generally low in salt.
  • Table sauces, such as soy sauce, pickles, mayo, and mustards, are generally high in salt so make sure that if you buy a bottle, you use it with care.
  • Opt for reduced salt meat options.

Cook Less with Salt
Seasoning your food with salt really makes a difference but that doesn’t mean you cannot survive without it in the kitchen. There are tons of ways of adding flavor to your food without using salt. Instead of salt, you can use fresh herbs and spices while making pasta or cooking vegetables. While making sauces, use ripe and fresh ingredients so your sauces are more flavorful and don’t need extra seasoning. The secret to trying to lose weight successfully is to cook at home, so do not be afraid to experiment.

Avoid Fast Food Restaurants
If you are trying to lose weight, it is best that you avoid eating fast food. Fast food is not only high on sodium but on fat as well. If you are having a tough time dealing with your cravings, search online for places where you can eat out that serve food with low sodium or treat yourself to a cheat day every month or so. It is important how you deal with your cravings when you are trying to lose weight.

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