Is the High-Fat Diet Really Effective?

When you set out to lose weight you hear a lot of differing opinions. It seems that the trends change as quickly as the wind blows, so it can be hard to keep up with all of it. If you’re like most people you have probably heard your entire life that fat is bad for you. The idea was always that a low-fat diet was the best way to lose weight and keep it off. You wanted to cut back on your fat just as much as you cut back on your calorie intake, and then you would achieve long term weight loss. The problem is that nowadays you are hearing just the opposite. The trend now is to focus on a high-fat diet and it is leaving some people wondering if it can really work.

The problem is that just like any other nutrition trend, when you hear that fat may be okay to eat, people tend to overdo it. This doesn’t mean that eating fast food, fried foods, or foods with trans fats are good for you. When you think of the type of fat that you should eat for weight loss it’s all about getting actual value out of it. You want to be certain that your food works for you and not against you. Just as you want to focus on lean proteins rather than any type of protein, you also want to be sure that you are focused on the right type of fat if you are going to introduce this into your life and your diet. To lose weight and keep it off you need the type of fat that will help you to protect your health as you work towards effective weight loss.

This can lead you to wonder what exactly a good high-fat diet should look like. There will be a learning curve involved here because you are going to have to learn that some fat is good for you, and so here we look at why and how this might work if you go about it the right way.

If you are focused on “good fats” it can help tremendously: This is by far the most important distinction if you are to lose weight by including fats. You need to be eating good fats, which are those that are actually healthy for you and loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Options that are good fats include olive oil and coconut oil, flax seeds, nuts such as almonds and walnuts, fish such as tuna and salmon, and avocado. This shows you that there is a huge distinction and that the right type of fat may help you to lose weight but also ensure that you protect your health in the process. The right type really does matter greatly here!

If you make the fat the valuable type then it can protect your health: When you think about a high-fat diet and really ponder if that is truly effective, it’s all about getting value out of your nutritional selections. This means that you are eating to protect your health and be your best. It also means that you are choosing the types of fats that will work FOR you and ensure that you are your very best all the time. The right selections make a huge difference and if you can opt for good fats then this type of diet really can be effective for the long run.

You should also cut down on carbs to make this work to the best of its ability: Nearly every piece of health advice out there will tell you that as you increase your good fat intake, you want to also cut down on your carbs. This doesn’t mean that you cut out carbs altogether, but simply that you cut back on them and focus on the right type. It’s no longer about simple carbs like white rice or bread, but rather brown rice and true whole grains. These will help to protect your health and ensure that the good fats actually work for you.

Remember that extremes are never a good thing in any capacity: The only way that the high-fat diet will work for you is if you balance it all out. Never deprive yourself, never cut out food groups altogether, and always strive for true balance. This is like anything else and if you overdo it or focus on the wrong types of fats then you won’t have success. Work towards the right type of fats and balance it out with the rest of your eating and you can lose weight and keep it off in a really healthy way.

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