Healthy Fall Foods That Promote Fat Burning

The Fall season is here, which means it is time to indulge in all of the sweet and savory flavors of this unique time of year. But in order to stick to your diet and your weight loss goals, you don’t want to overdo it on apple cider donuts, apple pie, and pumpkin spice lattes. Instead, stick with the following foods that promote fat burning while satisfying your Fall flavor cravings.

Nothing says Fall like a basket full of apples, and if you love apple picking, you will be happy to know that this super nutritious fruit also doubles as a fat burning treat. Like other fruits that are loaded with water, apples can help you feel full while providing you with plenty of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. Plus, apples contain pectin that can reduce how much fat the cells in your body can absorb. And the natural fiber in apples will help you keep your digestion healthy, preventing constipation that would otherwise keep you bloated. So this Fall, go ahead and enjoy plenty of recipes, from breakfast to dinner and dessert, that contain yummy apples.

Whole Grains
Whole grains are also considered foods that promote fat burning. And as the weather gets colder, you can enjoy a variety of whole grains to fill up and warm up, whether you want to have some tasty oatmeal to start your day or you want to indulge in some whole wheat pasta and vegetables for dinner. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, whole grains will regulate your digestion, and they can even help you control your weight over time.

Brazil Nuts
Nuts are really popular in a variety of Fall inspired dishes, but this year, consider incorporating more Brazil nuts into your diet, as they are known for boosting your metabolism and binding toxins that would otherwise be stored as fat and cellulite. You can enjoy these nuts as a snack throughout the day in order to keep your energy level up, and you can even drink Brazil nut milk as a healthier alternative to fatty dairy milk. Another simple option would be to make your own trail mix featuring Brazil nuts, almonds, peanuts, and dried fruits.

With these foods that promote fat burning, you can enjoy all of the delicious flavors of Fall without having to worry about weight gain, especially if you follow a healthy diet overall and you also lead an active lifestyle. To further increase fat burning, pair these foods with PHENBLUE. This is a product formulated to fight fat accumulation in addition to increasing the metabolism, so you can lose even more fat.

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