Dieting Around Friends Who Live to Eat

Research has shown that people are most successful at losing weight when they’re surrounded by people who are also focused on eating healthy, shedding pounds, and staying in shape. So how can you go about dieting around friends who really live to eat? How can you avoid the temptation to follow their example and eat everything in front of you? Keep reading for a few tips that will ensure your willpower will always be strong.

Have a Sample, but Be Firm
Know what your diet and fitness goals are whenever you’re dieting around friends who may not be on a diet and have no problem indulging. However, so that things don’t become too awkward, you can certainly try a bite of a dessert or an entrée that you don’t think would fit into your diet plan. In this way, you can indulge a bit but you won;t go overboard.

It’s All About Portions
If a dish is being passed around and everyone is taking whatever share of the food that they want, there is no need to refuse it. Instead, just keep portion control in mind. So while your non-dieting friends may fill up their plates, you can make sure that you are enjoying a delicious meal without going over your daily caloric intake.

Change the Conversation, or Take a Phone Call
If you are at a table that is filled with friends who are insisting that you eat something that you know will not suit your diet, if they are not respecting your needs, or if you want to avoid any uncomfortable conversations from the start, simply ask to be excused to take a phone call. You can also change the topic to one that will amuse everyone and take their attention off the fact that you aren’t eating like they are.

Eat Slowly
Finally, to avoid overeating, simply eat more slowly. Who cares if your friends are eating more quickly and moving from the appetizer to the entrée in no time? Practice mindful eating and listen to feelings of fullness along the way.

Even though dieting around friends who love to eat anything and everything can definitely be a challenge, it isn’t impossible. Stick to your goals, indulge just enough without going overboard, and make sure your friends know that you’re working hard at slimming down, gaining strength, and improving your overall health. They should respect your goals and your opinion of what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

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