Ways to Use Scented Candles to Make Workouts More Enjoyable

Your sense of smell has a big impact upon how you feel. The right fragrances can energize you or relax you. So when it comes to using scented candles around your home, infuse your workout space with the right scents. This will make workouts more enjoyable and effective. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use fragrances during your workouts.

Energize Yourself During Cardio Routines
To make workouts more enjoyable when you are focused on getting your heart rate up to burn more calories and fat, stick with scented candles that will infuse your space with energizing fragrances. A few good examples include mango, tangerine, pineapple, melon, pear, and grapefruit.

Keep Your Strength Going During Weightlifting Routines
When performing exercises that involve the use of weights to build strength and stamina, you can use scented candles that will exude fragrances that will keep you going despite how tired you may feel. Fragrances that will help you find your inner power include peppermint, lime, lemon, and orange. You can stick with one fragrance all the time or you can mix and match your favorites by lighting multiple candles that will mix the scents of lemon and orange, as an example.

Create a Calm and Peaceful Space for Yoga
Even though you want to stick with energizing fragrances while you’re doing cardio routines or working with weights to strength train, when you’re doing yoga and similar routines that allow you to slow down, stretch, and lengthen the body, you should stick with calming fragrances. There are many options that you can choose from, but a few good fragrances that will make workouts more enjoyable in this case include lavender, vanilla, ginger, sandalwood, sage, juniper, rosemary, cinnamon, rose, geranium, lily, chamomile, jasmine, honeysuckle, pine, cedar, and eucalyptus. These will help you relax your mind and emotions, so they’re perfect for a yoga class that’s focused on releasing tension throughout the body and mind.

When using scented candles, opt for those that contain natural essential oils. If you have pets, be careful, though, as scented candle fragrances may be too potent for them. It is also a good idea to use soy candles that have natural wicks, as these will not pollute your air and release harmful toxins into your workout space like conventional candles and wicks. When you combine these fragrances with a product like PhenBlue, you’re guaranteed to get great results from every workout.

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