Celebrity Fitness Trainers You Should Follow

You should follow celebrity fitness trainers for excellent training advice. They can give you the best workout routines and tips. Here are a few celebrity trainers you should follow:

Jillian Michaels

Jillian is a renowned fitness trainer and has appeared on a variety of TV shows. One of the shows she has been on is The Biggest Loser. She even has her very own show, Losing It with Jillian. At the moment, she is 40 years old and weighs only 117 lbs. Michaels also runs a line of supplements. These supplements include fat burners, detoxification supplements, and protein supplements. She is also the author of seven books related to fitness and healthy living. She is undoubtedly one of the best celebrity fitness trainers today.

Bob Greene

Bob is a trainer, famous for helping Oprah Winfrey get into shape. He is 55 at the moment and the author of 10 books. Out of the 10 books that he has written, two were co-written with Oprah herself. Greene also has a line of fitness DVDs that can help you get into shape in no time. He even has a game on Nintendo Wii. He is one of the best fitness trainers out there today.

Tony Little

One of the best celebrity fitness trainers today is Tony Little. He is well known for his infomercials. He quickly rose to fame with his first book, One on One with Tony Little. He even devised an ingenious workout machine known as the Gazelle Glider. This machine tones the body and can burn a significant number of calories per hour. He himself was Mr. Florida and Mr. Junior America. He is still quite active in the fitness industry. If you want to lose pounds quickly, Tony Little is your guy.

Bob Harper

Bob Harper is not only a celebrity by virtue of being a fitness trainer, but he also trains celebrities. He is one of the best celebrity fitness trainers you will find. Some of Bob’s clients include Selma Blair and Ben Stiller. He was also named the sexiest vegetarian in 2010. He stands at 5’11” and weighs 167 lbs. He has a number of DVDs that will help you burn fat and build lean muscle. Harper himself works out only 90 minutes a week.

Jackie Warner

Warner is a fitness trainer who made a spectacular comeback. She is 45 and has never looked better. She has also been a part of many famous TV shows, including Workout. She has also a couple of DVDs and books.

If you want to get in shape fast, be sure to follow the abovementioned celebrity trainers.

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