I Completely Agree with Henry Cavill’s Best Beginner’s Fitness Advice

Best Beginner’s Fitness Advice

I absolutely love great beginner’s fitness advice that is thoughtful, appropriate and healthy.  When someone hits the nail on the head, I want to share what they’ve said.  After all, I’m an experienced personal trainer, but I hardly believe that I know everything or that I have the best wording for everything I know. So, it’s great when I hear someone say just what I want to say, just as I’d like it said, and I give them credit for it when I share their words.  I’ve tried hard not to turn this into a celebrity blog, but I have to hand it to Henry Cavill in this week’s post. He’s got a great attitude.

Henry Cavill’s Best Beginner’s Fitness Advice to Himself

I do try hard not to overuse the names of celebrities on this blog. I have done it in the past. In the last couple of years, I’ve talked about Ryan Reynolds in the context of my respect for his attitude toward men’s mental health. I’ve also talked about how I was amused by Will Smith when he first announced his weight loss video series (my opinion about that has since changed slightly, but that’s not what this blog or this post is about).

Still, when I saw a recent video Henry Cavill did for bodybuilding.com, I had to bring celebrity names back to my blog again because this guy just nailed it.  To start, when he was asked what he would love to tell his younger self, he jumped right into “It’s not supposed to be easy.” Exactly.  There’s doing it fast, and there’s doing it well. If you’re looking for fast, simple results, prepare for disappointment. If you’re committed to doing things well, then get ready to face challenge, take time, and get really good.

His Top Recommendation for Anyone Else Getting Started

If there’s anyone you’d like to believe when they tell you they have great beginner’s fitness advice for you, it’s the guy who played Superman and who is now Geralt in The Witcher. Still, I’ve heard a lot of celebs who are built and who’ve played awesome roles and who give awful, unrealistic advice that is only going to lead guys to disappointment or, worse, injury.

In this case, Cavill absolutely nailed it. Here’s the interview.

See what he said there in his best beginner’s fitness advice?  “Do it your way. Get the right information, get the right knowledge from someone who knows their stuff. But also, do fitness your way—whatever you enjoy doing—and you’ll get the most out of it.” Yes! Exactly. You’re not someone else, this takes knowledge, training, practice, and even some trial and error. Focus on loving it or you’ll go nowhere fast.  Put your needs at the head of it all and design your strategy around it based on quality information, not a desire to rush to the end.

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