I Completely Agree with Henry Cavill’s Best Beginner’s Fitness Advice

I absolutely love great beginner’s fitness advice that is thoughtful, appropriate and healthy.  When someone hits the nail on the head, I want to share what they’ve said.  After all, I’m an experienced personal trainer, but I hardly believe that I know everything or that I have the best wording for everything I know. So, it’s great when I hear someone say just what I want to say, just as I’d like it said, and I give them credit for it when I share their words.  I’ve tried hard not to turn this into a celebrity blog, but I have to hand it to Henry Cavill in this week’s post. He’s got a great attitude.

Best Exercises for Your Workouts to Get Abs

Ready to start some great workouts to get abs?  There isn’t one single list of exercises that will get you there, but there are lots of great options that you can introduce to your week that will play a role along the way. It’s important not to forget that doing a handful of exercises on a regular basis won’t be enough to get you that six pack.