Why Some Anti-Inflammatory Diets are Overkill

It’s no secret that most of the foods which are staples of the modern everyday diet cause inflammation, which include deep-fried goodies, spicy foods, and even coffee. This is the reason that anti-inflammatory diets are becoming popular by the day, with even celebs endorsing different versions of this diet. Now, while there is nothing wrong with trying to keep inflammation at bay, there is a limit to the number of foods you can restrict yourself from eating. This is why some of the restrictions imposed by these diets can be downright baffling.

For instance, the NFL quarterback Tom Brady is known to follow his version of the anti-inflammation diet. He has specifically ordered his chef to not serve him MSG, iodized salt, white sugar and flour, in addition to a number of other regular food items, including tomatoes. According to his chef, Mr. Brady follows a plant-based diet. And not only this, as he is off dairy and caffeine too. Now, there is no doubt that plants and veggies are the key to nutrition and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle but you need a range of nutrients which you get from different plant sources.

This is the reason why it won’t be wrong to say that some anti-inflammatory diets are plain overkill, especially the ones which have been endorsed by celebrities. The issue is that your body needs some form of inflammation, particularly in conditions where in order to combat bacteria, your skin warms up to a certain degree. Of course, there is the harmful type of inflammation as well, but it can be controlled via a healthy lifestyle without resorting to a restrictive diet. Through regular exercises and weight control as well as proper medication, you can easily keep chronic inflammation in check.

According to experts, as long as you cut out junk and processed foods, watch your weight, eat plenty of healthy foods, and keep sugar intake low, you can fight off inflammation easily. In fact, you can adjust your lifestyle and diet according to these guidelines and call it your version of the anti-inflammation diet, as it will deliver results.

At the end of the day, the point is that you don’t have to restrict yourself from eating anything and everything you like. You don’t have to give up meat, or even iodized salt, just for the sake of keeping inflammation at bay. So, as you can see, a few of the anti-inflammatory diets are just overkill and nothing more.

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