Interval Training is Working for Me: Here’s Why


I get asked a lot if high intensity interval training (HIIT) is any good and if I would recommend it. I’m all over HIIT, and I feel that every fit person should consider this type of workout. There are a lot of reasons I feel it works and that more of us should be giving it a try.

The idea behind this kind of interval training is that your complete workout is made up of bursts of rapid, intense, exercise where you put everything you have into your performance, but split them up between recovery periods that are short but may be active or inactive. This kind of training helps to make sure your heart rate stays high and you blast through more body fat in a shorter period of time.

This works because it raises your body’s need for oxygen during the times when you’re really going intensely into the workout. This actually puts your body into an oxygen shortage. So when you’re in your rest time, your body continues to demand more oxygen so that it can replenish itself just in time for you to hit it again, full tilt.

If you want to get technical about it, the effect of continuing to burn even after you’ve stopped the intense exercise is “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” which I just refer to as EPOC because who needs a long term like that? EPOC is the reason HIIT lets you fry your way through more body fat and food calories than your typical cardio workout where you keep up essentially the same intensity the whole time.

I’ve made a list of the reasons interval training works for me:

Faster metabolism – For the reasons I explained about EPOC, your metabolism picks up and your body burns through more fat and calories. Some experts say your metabolism will run faster than usual for up to 48 hours after a full HIIT routine. When I combine this with the APEX-TX5 fat burning supplement, my metabolism is noticeably enhanced.

Takes less time – Even if I’m super busy, these workouts are so short that I can get them done in any little gap of time I have available. Nearly all of them are shorter than a half hour.

You don’t need space – The nature of many of these workouts lets you do things right on the spot if you want to. Sure, you can do HIIT workouts that have you sprinting across bigger distances, but you can also run on the spot and get pretty much the same outcome. So even if you’re stuck in a hotel room small enough that you can barely move, you still have enough space for a good HIIT routine.

You don’t need any equipment – Your body weight is the only equipment you need to complete interval training properly. So other than something to wipe the sweat away, as long as you’re conscious and upright, you’ve got all your equipment in place.

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