How I Power Up Before & After A Workout


I like to use power up methods when I’m not feeling 100%. One of the things I love the most about exercising is that it gives me a lot of energy overall. On days that I exercise, I’m less likely to experience that droop in the middle of the afternoon that is so hard to kick and very frustrating when you want to get stuff done. Still, immediately after a workout, I can still feel drained for the first bit if I don’t take the right precautions.

Sure, I’m more energized overall, but I still have a rough time getting started again with what needs to get done. After all, I’ve put a lot into my workout so when I’m done, I feel like flopping into a chair for a bit. Not every day, but some days.

When my workout leaves me feeling like I should be spending the rest of the day on the couch, I try to act fast and take action to fix it. Here are a few of my never-fail strategies for picking myself back up after a workout that has nearly kicked my butt:

• Build during the workout – Sometimes the best way to stop myself from getting drained is to use the right workout intensity in the first place. Instead of pouring all my energy into an intense start to the workout only to use up everything I’ve got at the beginning, I use interval training or I start slow and work my way up. That way, I’m not leaving myself feeling like I’ve used up every ounce of energy I had for the whole day.

• Use quality fuel – A lot of people try to eat on an empty stomach – or nearly empty – because they think it will help them burn more fat. In my opinion, that’s a fast way to make sure you’re never giving your top performance. Choosing the right fuel, like a quality protein shake, will let you work out more efficiently and effectively. That will help you burn more fat than if you try to run on next to nothing in the hopes that your body will be forced into fat burning. Protein shakes and adequate quality carbs also helps you to avoid the risk of burning muscle instead of fat. A light pre-workout meal made of quality carbs gives you fast energy while a post-workout snack pumped full of protein like a shake or Greek yogurt with almonds and berries will keep you from slumping later in the day while giving your muscles the recovery power they need.

• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – I’ve said it a million times. Adequate hydration is key to achieving just about anything in your fitness life. Whether you want energy, fat burning, performance, or just overall health, drink enough water. Sip it before your workout, during your workout and after your workout.

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