Why I Find the Will Smith Weight Loss Video So Inspiring

Inspiring Will Smith Weight Loss Video

Am I the only one who found the Will Smith weight loss video completely inspiring? Rhetorical question. I know I’m not. Still, I think it’s worth talking about, so that’s why I’ve made it the focus of this week’s blog post.

What Made the Will Smith Weight Loss Video So Inspirational?

To start, the core of the Will Smith weight loss video is the man himself. He’s an icon – too young to call him a legend? – and so anything like this that he could post is going to be great. Still, his timing couldn’t have been better.  He’s far from the only one suffering from lockdown weight gain, right?

So many of us are trying to recover from what stay-at-home orders and lifestyle changes have done.  I’ve been working on my own body recovery after letting things go far more than I should. I hung in there for a while, but it was definitely tough to resist the urge to slack in those conditions, particularly over the winter. That said, I have made it clear in previous posts that I’m not at all interested in extreme dieting.


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Focusing on Health and Respecting the Body

Since I’ve returned to my healthier lifestyle again, I’ve found that I’ve got a sense of purpose once more. That is what I saw in the Will Smith weight loss video.  It was clear that he had let things slide but that it wasn’t acceptable to him anymore.  He wasn’t going for crash dieting or extremes.  He was putting in the work.

The workout montage in the Will Smith weight loss video showed determination, focus, and the drive to work hard. He wasn’t going to take short cuts.  He was going to rebuild his body by giving it what it needs and keeping it up.

The Message Behind the Will Smith Weight Loss Video

On May 4, before the Will Smith weight loss video came out, he announced that he wanted “to FEEL better”.  Not look better. “FEEL” better. Big difference.  He challenged anyone who wanted to feel better, too, to join him in getting it done.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen me talking about this along the way. He’s been sharing progress posts, including that he has stopped his habit of eating “midnight muffins” and has shared videos.

More inspiration? He often shares images of followers’ workout posts when they tag him.  If anything is going to inspire you to move, it’s going to be the chance to get your post shared on the official social media of the Fresh Prince!

I hope you check out the Will Smith weight loss video and his other posts with a positive, healthy message. Let them inspire you like they’ve inspired me, so you’ll put in the work, treat yourself with respect, and maybe even get your workout pic or video shared on his official account.

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