How to Lose Weight Fast Without Extreme Dieting (I’m Down 8 Pounds in 4 Weeks)

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Extreme Dieting

I’ve decided to check in with my progress and share how to lose weight fast using my method that does not involve a single minute of extreme dieting.  When I’m talking about rapid fat loss, I don’t mean over-the-top claims like 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I mean that I’m getting the most out of my doctor-recommended goal of 1-2 pounds per week.  So, for me, that means 2 pounds per week, which I’ve achieved.

When I Talk About How to Lose Weight Fast, It’s Still Gradual

If you’re looking for how to lose weight fast at an extreme level, you’re not going to be impressed with what I’m sharing here. I just don’t recommend anything much higher than 2 pounds per week because it’s not sustainable.  The odds are that you’re losing water or muscle, not fat, at that rate. It’s just not what I’m all about.

My recommendations – and the methods I use for how I lose weight fast for myself – are for strategies that will get you to your goal and won’t send you right back to where you started a short time afterward.  Like you saw if you read my post a couple of weeks ago, “10 Steps to Build Muscle Not Fat”, working on body composition in a sustainable way takes time.

Still, I like to believe that how I lose weight fast and how I build muscle without packing on body fat, too, are gradual enough to be straightforward, achievable, and something you can keep up as long as you want to. And you can do it safely the whole time.

Before You Call Me Out on It, Yes, I’m Using a Diet Pill

Back when I decided to lose the lockdown weight gain, I made a conscious choice to give myself added support with the best fat loss pills I could find. I’m using them for support, not to do the job for me. As I said earlier, I’m not looking for extremes.

I want to lose the weight gradually.  I’m following my doc’s instructions, which align with what I’ve read from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for 1-2 pounds per week. Still, I try for that upper end of the range. And the LIPONITRO is supporting me in building those habits back on again. I won’t be taking it forever, but it’s doing great for setting me up right now.

How I Lose Weight Fast by Eating Better

Food is extremely important to building muscle and maintaining muscle, which is typically my focus (aside from overall healthy nutrition). That said, it’s also the defining factor in how I lose weight fast.  Using a nutrition tracker like ShareFit, MyFitnessPal, Spark People, or (to a lesser extent, because it’s more focused on fitness monitoring) the Fitbit app, it’s simple to keep track of calories and macros as well as other factors like sodium (which can cause water retention that can look like fat on a bathroom scale and reduce muscle definition) and added sugars (empty calories).

My main dietary changes have involved cutting back on added sugars and adjusting the portions of food on my plate. I’m eating more veggies and less from the dietary fats category. Fats aren’t a villain.  Good fats are critical to nutrition and even to weight loss. But they’re high in calories, so a reasonable portion is key.

Regular Exercise

I am physically active every single day. I consider 2 days per week my recovery days, but on one of those days, I still go for a good walk or hike and on the other, I do yoga, meditation, and other exercises focused more on balance, flexibility, and mental health. Exercise really isn’t the key to losing weight, but it is central to keeping it off, so this is a good habit to build right away so that it is in place by the time you reach your goal.

How I Lose Weight Fast is Straightforward

It’s not a magical combination, but how I lose weight is straightforward and relatively simple. I make changes gradually and lose the pounds gradually. If there was one key to dropping the pounds that I’d say is the most important, I’d say it’s consistency.  Keep it up.  If you’re not keeping it up, you have the wrong strategy. Find a new one, then keep that up. You’ve got this, bro.

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