Even Limited Exercise Prevents Depression Symptoms

I’ve been sharing my thoughts about how exercise prevents depression symptoms for a while now. I’m not an expert in mental health. I’m a physical trainer, so please don’t take this as actual medical advice. That said, what I’m talking about here is the results of studies or what other experts have shared and that I’ve found valuable. In this case, it’s about research that shows even a small amount of physical activity seems to help prevent this common mental health struggle.

Regular Exercise Can Shrink Your Anxiety Risk by More than Half

One of the benefits of regular exercise that guys don’t tend to talk about is its positive impact on mental health issues like anxiety and depression.  We don’t mind saying that it’s a good stress buster or that we need it to blow off steam, but we don’t tend to want to call specific issues by name. I’ve talked about this issue in men’s mental health in a previous post, so I won’t spend a lot of time on it here, but the good news is, no matter what you call it, workouts are extremely effective and helpful.

We Need to Talk About Men’s Mental Health and Be More like Ryan Reynolds

Men’s mental health is something we don’t talk about a lot. The thing is, we should. Seriously. The discussion about the importance of recognizing that mental and physical health are equally important is happening. That said, it’s happening most often among women. It’s Not Just a Problem for Women Thing is, though, men’s mental health is just as important as women’s. We’re just not talking about it like they are. I was reading the news a few weeks back and I saw a headline with Ryan Reynolds. Turns out the guy has some serious anxiety issues. Yes, that Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool! Here’s this man pretty much most of us wouldn’t mind being for a day (or a lot of days) and it turns out he’s got an anxiety disorder. Is he weak? Stupid? Less awesome? Nope. In fact, I have to say that I think even more of him now Read More