Can You Train to Be as Strong as Batman?

Train to be Strong as Batman

I spotted a fun article in Mel Magazine recently that made me wonder what it would take to be as strong as Batman, because it delved into how much the superhero would probably be able to bench press. If that’s not a great topic for my blog, I just don’t know what is! After all, if Ryan Reynolds can be my men’s mental health hero, then Bruce Wayne can inspire strength training, right?

Is It Possible to Be as Strong as Batman?

According to the Mel Magazine article, it is absolutely possible. After all, even though he’s a superhero, Bruce Wayne is a human man.  That said, instead of looking to the various human men who played the role in movies to assume they are as strong as Batman, the article decided to take a different route – just because it was more fun. It also decided not to give the superhero any added strength just because he’s the superhero or because he’s in a comic book.

Instead, the article considered a number of different factors, including Bruce Wayne’s height (6’2”) and weight (210 pounds) and assumed that he is an athlete in excellent physical condition.  Based on other athletes with similar physical states, such an NFL player, some benefits of the doubt, and an assumption that he’s ‘on the juice’ (which was discussed at length), the article concluded that to be as strong as Batman, you’d likely have to bench press around 500 pounds.

Could You Build That Kind of Strength?

Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be easy. There are far more men who claim they can do it than there are men who actually can. That said, if that is how strong Bruce Wayne is, then, in theory, it is possible to be as strong as Batman.  It would take a lot of time and extensive training and lifestyle changes, but it is possible.

Unfortunately, most people who can do so are serious strongmen and weightlifters and they do take steroids.  That’s a personal choice, of course, but it’s definitely not something I ever recommend to my own clients.  To be fair, I don’t train professional or competitive weightlifters.  That’s not what where my training or experience lies. Instead, I train regular guys to get fit, get strong, and build muscle, though not at a professional level.

Can You Get Almost as Strong as Batman?

To get even nearly as strong as Batman, you’ll need to make a lot of lifestyle changes and truly commit to your goal.  If that’s what you want to do, amazing! Go for it!  Still, I’d recommend breaking that goal down into smaller parts.

Depending on your starting point, aim to begin with something closer to where you are. Maybe that’s bench pressing 100 pounds.  Maybe more. Maybe less.  Start where you are and set goals to match it.  Then, up those goals incrementally.  Even if you never get quite to the level of the Caped Crusader, at least you can continue to progress toward that level and see just how far you can get.

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