Slim Your Waist by Lowering Your Indoor Temperature

Losing weight and curbing fat in the right places can be a difficult task. Not only is it hard but the lack of success in this task can result in emotional stress. In the world that we live in today, there is a lot of stress laid on one particular body shape that is appropriate for women and one particular body shape that is appropriate for men. If you have a belly bulge, you can forget about wearing the kind of clothes you like as they wouldn’t fit you the way you hope they would. If this isn’t enough, people are becoming less accepting of those on a weight loss journey.

Did you know a study has proven that lower indoor temperatures result in smaller waistlines? Well, it’s true. Even though it is possible that exposure to cold may trigger a cardiovascular disease, it is also true it is an effective tool against obesity. Let us discuss what makes this possible. Exposure to cold activates what is called thermogenesis, which is brown fat that is used to generate body heat.

Studies have found that most humans have this fat that helps burn calories. Thermogenesis is a form of heat production which happens in your body when you are not shivering which means the temperature is cool but not too cold. This is what activates the brown fat cells that burn calories to generate heat.

A study on 1,103 participants was held in a community in Japan. In this study, researchers investigated the difference between housing environment as well as health in older adults who were dwelling in their homes. The average age of the participants was 72 years and they stayed indoors during the day. 47% of the participants were men whereas 53% were women.

This study showed that out of the participants, the ones with the lowest indoor temperatures had an average waist circumference of 32 inches. The difference between these and the rest of the participants was 1.4 inches. Now this might not seem like a lot but if you are looking to slim your waist, even a millimeter counts. Even when this particular study was adjusted according to factors such as age, sex and physical activities and others, the results still showed a significant difference.

Now the question that this study raises is: how is this idea beneficial to slim your waist? So, let us tell you. It is advised that you change the temperature in your home by a few degrees every now and then. By letting the temperature indoors rise as well as fall, your body will be encouraged to adjust the internal temperature according to the external temperature.

But don’t let this fool you into thinking that in order to slim your waist you need to freeze yourself. Abort, we repeat: abort. As mentioned above, the environment needs to be cool but not cold. Your body needs to be able to generate its own heat for the idea to work. It is worth a try.

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