Is HCG Effective for Weight Loss?

It’s been a pressing question with very differing answers and so one wonders, is HCG effective for weight loss? This is something that has been debated within the medical community for years and there is a wide array of opinions on the subject. First and foremost what you must recognize is that HCG is the hormone that women naturally make when they are pregnant. There was a push for awhile for women to get an injection of this when they were not pregnant as it was believed to help drop the pounds. So is there any truth to it? Is this something to look into?

So, is HCG effective for weight loss? The simple answer is yes. Understanding how it works is a bit trickier and therefore a lot of research has been performed. Let’s start by understanding how exactly it works. If a woman wants to lose weight she starts getting these HCG injections and partners it with a very limited calorie diet, often times as little as 500 calories per day. So by partnering the two together, the weight loss is great and it works quite well. Many have questioned if this was due solely to the fact that the limited calorie diet was present, but it has more to do with the way that you lose weight.

HCG Can Help You To Get Results

What makes HCG so effective is that it naturally suppresses your appetite. So you learn to eat less and feel full faster. That’s what has made for so much confusion within the subject of HCG is specifically how it works. This hormone helps you to release other hormones which are a great aid with any hormone deficiency—this can be a problem for women and a big issue with weight loss in general! So what makes HCG work so well is that it helps you to feel full longer and not to have the need to eat as much. That makes this a powerful aid in weight loss!

HCG Effective for Weight Loss

So as you ponder whether or not HCG works, you will find that you want to be very careful and do your research. Be certain that you are going with a trusted resource and that you are a good candidate for the injections. You will be cut back to a limited calorie diet, but be sure that you do still eat. This can be an effective way of losing weight, but of course it is not intended for the long term. So knowing that it can work and how it works is great, now it’s up to you to put HCG to good use if this is the route you want to use for effective weight loss.

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