How Not to Ruin Your First Holiday Dinner Hosting

First Holiday Dinner Tips

This year is my first holiday dinner. I’ve attended lots of them, and I’ve helped with a few. This year, I’m taking over. I’m leading the show. Bree is there for me, but I’m the one calling the shots this time. It’s something I’ve wanted to take on for the last couple of years, but this Christmas will be the one.

I’m not going in unprepared. I’ve thought this one through and have gone through every tip list I could find for throwing your first holiday dinner. Since I don’t want to be alone in getting this one right, I thought I’d share the best ones I found for anyone else who is hosting this year.

My Best First Holiday Dinner Hosting Tips

Once you know you’re throwing your first holiday dinner party, get started on these tips.

Make a Calendar

I got a paper calendar at a deep discount (it’s December, after all, so $0.49 is a fair price). I’ve been keeping that filled out and every time I update it, I just take a picture of it so I’ll always have it on my phone.

The points I’ve fit onto my calendar include the following:

• Choose every dish
• Buy any additional baking dishes, cooking implements or serving dishes I’ll need for the meal
• Test-drive any recipes I’ve never made before to iron out the kinks
• Buy ingredients for the complete meal
• Figure out if everyone will fit at the table and, if not, decide where I will put everyone
• Decide what can be made a day or two ahead of time, then make it.

Ask for Help or Accept it When Offered

I wouldn’t say I expect my first holiday dinner to go perfectly. I do expect it to be fun, even if some things are a little crispy or if I forget something no matter how many lists I’ve made. So when Bree offered to help me out, I accepted.

Since I’m expecting things to go wrong during my first holiday dinner, I want to be able to delegate to someone I trust and who will keep me from losing my temper at inanimate objects.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

This point is exactly why I’ve got the calendar going for my first holiday dinner. I figure that the more organized I am and the earlier I start, the better my chances of remembering everything and avoiding disaster.

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